In Spring Training, one of the annual rites is the arrival of the superstar players, and their inaugural “state of the union” addresses to begin camp. Yesterday it was David Ortiz holding court, and speaking on a number of issues – his health, steroid use and Manny Ramirez among other things.

Amalie Benjamin has Ortiz taking a hard-line stance against steroid use, urging tougher testing and harsher penalties. Steve Buckley has Ortiz sounding like a politician making promises yesterday. Joe McDonald has Ortiz calling for a one year ban on steroid users. Dan Lamothe has Papi taking the rumors about himself head on yesterday. Maureen Mullen has more from Papi on the steroid issue. Michael Felger is critical of Ortiz for complaining about the lack of a power hitter in the lineup behind him.

Bob Ryan has Ortiz looking terrific and ready to take on all the doubters who believe he is an ‘old’ 33. Sean McAdam has more on the conditioning and health of the Red Sox slugger. McDonald has Ortiz claiming that all is well with his left wrist yesterday.

Rob Bradford has Josh Beckett using lessons learned from last year to become the ace of the staff this season. McAdam looks at the contract status of Jason Bay, who will be a free agent after this season. McDonald has Mike Lowell planning on being ready for opening day. Mullen has Lowell anxious to field test his repaired hip. Buckley has a look at the shortstop battle between Jed Lowrie and Julio Lugo.

Lenny Megliola offers up a number of Red Sox and baseball thoughts and observations. Jess Camerato has former Sox reliever JC Romero giving his side of the story for the 50 game suspension he served for steroid use. Chris Baldwin says that A-Rod’s arrival in camp shouldn’t be the media circus that it will be.

McAdam’s notebook has Brad Wilkerson hoping to make the most of an opportunity with the Red Sox. The Globe notebook has more on Lowell’s arrival and plans for the spring.


Jim Fenton has the Celtics poised to make a strong second half run. Paul Flannery has five questions for the Celtics heading into the second half of the season. Mark Murphy has the Celtics stars taking something away from the West’s blowout win in the All Star game. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics ready to jump back onto the defensive horse. Jessica Camerato has the Celtics making the most of the All Star break. Tim Weisberg has Bill Russell still talking ‘team’ when it comes to honors he receives.


Chris Price examines what the Patriots might be looking for at the combine. Shalise Manza Young has more on what might be shopping for. Price also says that the Patriots and Adam “Pacman” Jones are an unlikely marriage. Jim Donaldson says that both Tom Brady and Matt Cassel have benefited from being in the Patriots system.

Bob Hohler has Patriots special teams ace Larry Izzo set to testify in the Barry Bonds criminal trial. Laurel J. Sweet has former Patriot Brock Williams pawning his Super Bowl ring.


Kevin Paul Dupont has Michael Ryder returning to practice for the Bruins yesterday. Mike Loftus says that the Bruins have a right to celebrate Glen Wesley night along with the Hurricanes. Stephen Harris has the Bruins hoping to bolster their goal scoring.


6 thoughts on “Papi Holds Court

  1. I thought they might celebrate by offering Wesley back to the Bruins in trade for three draft picks. Still can’t believe the B’s got away with that theft from the then-Whalers franchise, too bad they did little with the picks.


  2. Heard D&C this morning (yeah, I tune in for a few seconds from time to time) They basicly accused him of “posturing” …why do these guys talk to the press at all. No matter what they say they get accused of lying. I’m no Arod fan but if he had any brains he would take a page out of Belichick’s book…..”we’ve dealt with it and we’re moving on”


    1. Were the Putt-putt talking about Papi or A-Rod? Because if it’s Papi, I think my long standing belief that John Dennis is on a mission to run all the non-white people off of the Red Sox might actually have some merit.


      1. They were talking about Papi….they just about accused him of using roids…That’s what I mean. Papi comes out and makes a statement calling for more testing and harsher penalties then these 2 clowns mock him…..If I were a player my 2 favorite words would be, “no comment”……I see no advantage at all by talking to the media


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