I’ll admit, I’m a little lax in covering the hockey media around here, however, up until this season, Bruins announcers and commentators could say just about anything on the air, and it wouldn’t cause a stir.

It hasn’t gotten a whole lot of play locally, (or I just haven’t paid enough attention – entirely possible) but apparently Mike Milbury is gaining a national reputation for himself as something of a loose cannon behind the mic.

In the latest episode, Milbury was talking about a player he drafted when he was the GM of the Islanders in 1999 Tim Connolly, and in describing him, Milbury called him a “self-centered little dink” – at first though, some thought that the last word in the phrase was not “dink” but rather a shortened form of “Richard.”

This was just the most recent in a series of episodes, Milbury has also angered gay groups for referring to the pansification of hockey. Greg Wyshynski has a look at other incidents of note. Not all of these events have taken place on NESN, Milbury apparently doesn’t hold back no matter what outlet he’s appearing on.

About the only local mention of the Connolly topic that I’ve seen has come from Joe Haggerty.

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4 thoughts on “Milbury Riles ‘Em Up

  1. Not the first time Milbury has called someone a dink on the air this year. He called Andy Brickley a dink in the first episode of “The Instigators” after Brickley made a joke about the ridiculous contract that Milbury gave Alexei Yashin when he was the Isles GM.


  2. I like Milbury…..he might be a loose cannon but I think it’s GENUINE, unlike some media people who PURPOSELY say things to get a rise out of people…..He won’t even play along with Katherine Tappen….The other night after the Bruins had a poor offensive period with few shots on goal Tappen says, “Towards the end of the period the Bruins did seem to pick up the pace don’t ya think Mike?”……Milbury’s reply?….”No!, not at all”…..other co-hosts would have agreed with her just to, “be nice”…..Milbury shot her right down …..did feel a little sorry for Tappen though, she looked like she wanted to crawl under the desk and hide


    1. Yeah AOB, at least he doesn’t write his witty comments on note cards to use at different times and interrupt play so viewers can hear his amazing insights.

      Loose cannons (also Barkley) tend to shed more light on the teams and are much more entertaining to listen to than the slick snake oil salesmen the networks usually have.


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