OK, so let’s get this out of the way right off the top.

  1. There’s no way that that New York Jets can beat the Miami Dolphins next Sunday. No way. Even though the game is at the Meadowlands,  Eric Mangini’s crew has proven once again to be about as mentally tough as a Dodo bird.
  2. There is no way that the Baltimore Ravens will lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. A preseason favorite to win it all, the Jags have stumbled badly this season, showing a lot of the same traits as the Jets.

I believe there is a better chance that the Buffalo Bills will beat the Patriots than either the Jets or Jaguars winning next Sunday.

I sure hope I’m wrong, but this week 17 is looking a lot like the final week of the 2002 season. Patriots fans needed Brett Favre to come up big then too.

So now that I’ve played Debbie downer this morning, let’s take a quick look back at an impressive performance by the Patriots yesterday, one that has to have the rest of the league rooting hard for the Dolphins and Ravens next week.

Chris Warner has the Patriots playing their Cards right at Gillette. Chris Price plows through the 10 Things We Learned Yesterday.

Christopher L. Gasper takes care of the game story in the Globe. Mark Farinella says that the Patriots gave their fans something to remember in what might be their final appearance at Gillette this season. Karen Guregian has the Patriots taking care of their own business yesterday. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots taking a step forward yesterday.  Christopher Price has the Patriots keeping their playoff hopes alive with the win. Matt Eagan has the Patriots thriving in the snow. Andy Vogt has the Patriots plowing through the Cards. Jennifer Toland says that the weather was no issue for the Patriots offense yesterday.

Bob Ryan reminds us that the Patriots must rely on the kindness of strangers to make the postseason. Michael Felger says that things just aren’t looking good for the Patriots playoff chances.  John Tomase says that the division math is pretty tough for the Patriots. Farinella looks at the tough path to the playoffs for New England. Despite a possible 11-5 record, Young points out that the Patriots will still need to hope for help to get to the postseason. Bill Burt notes the irony of having to root for the Jets next week. Ben Swasey hopes this isn’t 2002 redux. Tim Weisberg says that the Patriots can only do their best with one game left. Eric McHugh points out that the Patriots could suffer the same fate as the 1985 Broncos.

Mike Reiss doesn’t think that the NFL will be pleased with the Cardinals approach yesterday. Ron Borges wonders about the vagaries of life after watching Matt Cassel and Matt Leinart yesterday. Young has Leinart and Cassel reunited in a strange way yesterday. Brian MacPherson says that victory was not in the Cards for Arizona yesterday. Jim Donaldson has the Patriots making a mockery out of the playoff bound Cardinals.

Farinella has Matt Cassel doing quite well in his first ever snow game. Dan Ventura has the Patriots running on all cylinders in the snow yesterday. Daniel Barbarisi has the Patriots power running game opening things up for the offense.  Steve Buckley says that the Patriots RULE in the snow, bitches!!! Chris Forsberg has Russ Hochstein plowing through the Cardinals at fullback. Lenny Megliola has the snow boosting the Patriots to victory.

Ventura has Junior Seau connecting with a fan yesterday. Barbarisi says that the Patriots might’ve singlehandedly wrecked the MVP candidacy of Kurt Warner yesterday. Toland has praise for the Patriots relentless defense yesterday.

Michael Vega has Wes Welker having fun in the snow. Young has Welker finding out that snow angels aren’t cute any more. Lauren Carter has the Patriots receivers as a group enjoying a big day. Ron Chimelis has Randy Moss playing good soldier. Monique Walker has Stephen Gostkowski further strengthening his own place in team history. Glen Farley has the Patriots saying that the weather helped.

I found these dueling headlines in my RSS reader interesting:

Globe: Seymour injury not serious

Herald: Source: Seymour could miss Buffalo game

Borges looks at the Best and Worst from yesterday. Tomase pinpoints the Play of the Game yesterday. The Projo follows through with postgame analysis of its own. Mike Petraglia has his postgame take and sound bites. Hector Longo cranks out the two minute drill.

Gasper’s notebook reports on a fan being arrested after coming out of the stands to tackle Junior Seau. Farinella’s notebook has Gostkowski breaking the team record for field goals in a season. The Herald notebook has more on Seymour’s back injury. Vogt’s notebook has the Patriots still needing help to make the playoffs. Chris Kennedy’s notebook says that Welker is still an Angel. Weisberg’s notebook has Gostkowski booting himself into the record book.

Celtics and Bruins

The Celtics won their 18th straight game last night, routing the Knicks 124-105 at the Garden. Catch up on the coverage at CelticsLinks.com.

The Bruins are on a hot streak of their own, and beat the Blues 6-3 last night. Check the links at Bruinslinks.com.


18 thoughts on “Pats Roll At Snowy Gillette

  1. I agree. Seeing the Jets run defense and Miami’s strength, I think Mangina is going to be rolled on Sunday.


  2. I take umbrage at your statement that the Dodo bird wasn’t/isn’t mentally tough. It tried really hard to survive. Now if you want to talk about the parenting skills of the Panda then you’re on to something.


  3. OK – who plagiarized who:

    “The happiest guy on the planet is Ed Hochuli because his call will not decide this division.” – NBC’s Cris Collinsworth (http://sportsmedianews.com/12/the-happiest-guy-on-the-planet-is-ed-hochuli-because-his-call-will-not-decide-this-division-%e2%80%93-nbcs-collinsworth/)

    “Of course the happiest man on the planet at this turn of events is Ed Hochuli, whose blown call in Week 2 that helped Denver win the first game between the teams won’t matter now — if San Diego wins Sunday.” Peter King, MMQB (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/peter_king/12/21/Week16/index.html?eref=si_topstories)


      1. Fair enough, but then answer this: Don Banks posted the following last night (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/don_banks/12/21/snap.judgments.ap/1.html:

        • What exactly was Kurt Warner doing in that game, down 41-0 midway through the third quarter? A point-less and risky attempt by Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt to get his moribund team some momentum. Come to think of it, what was Matt Cassel still doing in there for New England, up 44-0?

        Peter King posts this morning http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/peter_king/12/21/Week16/5.html:
        7. I think this is what I didn’t like about Week 16:

        c. New England 41, Arizona 0, eight minutes left in the third quarter in Foxboro: Give me one good reason why Kurt Warner is in the game.

        d. Actually, give me one good reason why Matt Cassel is in the game.

        And don’t tell me that they write for the same magazine.


  4. I wouldn’t go THAT far….listen, am I EXPECTING everything to go the Pats way next week?.. no, I’m not…..but I wouldn’t call the Jets beating the Dolphins the upset of the century either…the 2 win Chiefs rung up 31 points on the fish yesterday, they aren’t exactly the ’72 Dolphins……and after watching the NFL year after year haven’t we learned our lesson about making statement’s like, “There is NO POSSIBLE WAY IN HELL, Team A can beat Team B!”………bottomline, nobody knows what the hell is going to happen next week. If anybody does they should call their bookie and bet everything they have………( I guess this is why I never call talk radio)


    1. You’re right about those types of statements, but you can’t tell me you feel good about either the Jets or Jags this week…


      1. my honest opinion?……I think it’s a REAL LONG SHOT that the Jags can beat the Ravens in Baltimore…..I think the Jets?Dolphins game is 50/50 can go either way….I guess this is where the Felger/Dennis/Callahan crowd would start calling me a HOMER!/PATRIOTS RUMPSWAB!/CHEERLEADER!/POM-POM WAVER!….but I also put the Patriots/Bills game at 50/50 can go either way………of course my opinion is worth the same as everybody else’s IT MEANS NOTHING…..like I said NOBODY KNOWS what’s going to happen next week……but I guess it’s fun/entertaining?…………to act like we do?……beats me..


  5. If there is one thing we have learned over the past 12 years it is that warm weather teams do not play well in the Northeast in December. That said if the Jets do lose, the Pats end up with a top 20 draft choice. I like to compare it to when David Robinson went down hurt for the Spurs, the team tanked and ended up with Tim Duncan. The rest as they say is history. The only different is the Pats didn’t tank and deserve a better fate.


  6. Vegas has the Jets as a 3 point favorite. For a home game, that means this is basically a pick-em. I see great motivation for this team to win, for Mangini’s job, for Favre’s (possibly) last game, and for not letting your former QB beat you. Oh please, go Jets go. (Puke)


  7. The Pats clearly ran up the score vs. Arizona. I wish Dennis and Callhan were in town os they could call out Belichek.


  8. 11-5 or 9-6 looked reasonably attainable after Brady went down, but to end up there after so many other key players went down is remarkable. Miss the playoffs or make them, I’m very proud of this team and the whole organization.


    1. Could not agree more, Chris……of course, look for Boston’s “Knight’s of the Keyboards” to tell us that this was still a, “dissaponting and underachieving” season……bet on it….


      1. I’m pretty sure only Tony Massarotti is going to tell us that. Maybe Jim Donaldson or Bill Reynolds. Shaughnessy might make a crack or two.


        1. Felger is a prime canidate to go that route. ….Actually, Bill Reynolds has written several GLOWING columns about the Pats. He seems genuinely impressed about how well the Pats have done this year despite the injuries.


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