In case you missed it, last night I was a guest of the excellent Celtics post game show, Celtics Stuff Live. The show is now part of Comcast SportsNet’s Celtics coverage, and a recap and podcast download of the show is available on the Celtics Stuff Live section of the CSN website.

During the show we talked about this year’s Approval Ratings series here on BSMW, as well as the coverage of the Celtics here in New England. This week’s matchup with the Lakers was also a topic of conversation.

I came clean on Leon Powe being my Celtics binky, and we also discussed Paul Pierce’s place in the Celtics pantheon.

I had a pretty severe echo on my phone line, so it might come through with some of my responses. I don’t think it comes through on the broadcast, but for much of the segment I felt like Lou Gehrig giving his farewell address at Yankee Stadium. “Today…” (today…today…today…).