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Half Hour Special Recaps Ramirez’s Roller Coaster Career in Boston

BURLINGTON, MA – “Manny Being Manny” has been branded in the lexicon of Boston sports for all time, and Comcast SportsNet analyzes Manny Ramirez’s record-setting, charismatic, and sometimes controversial Red Sox career, and his departure from Boston, in a 30-minute documentary special premiering on Christmas night at 8 p.m., immediately following the Celtics-Lakers Post Game Live.

Comcast SportsNet examines the triumphs and turmoil of Manny’s time with the Sox and the key moments in his last season as a member of the Old Towne Team. The Manny Being Manny special:

  • Analyzes Ramirez’s Red Sox legacy, his bond with fans who continually forgave his transgressions, his off-season preparation for the 2008 season, and his hiring of super agent Scott Boras.
  • Reviews the key moments that led up to his departure: the Youkilis dugout incident; the Jack McCormick clubhouse incident; Manny’s no-swing at bat in Yankee Stadium; and his mysterious July knee injury.
  • Concludes with a perspective of Manny’s time in Boston, which featured two World Series titles, a World Series MVP, four trips to the postseason, and the most prosperous run for the Red Sox in a century.

Manny Being Manny features candid comments from noted Boston sports writers and personalities, including Dan Shaughnessy (Boston Globe), Steve Buckley (Boston Herald), Sean McAdam (Boston Herald), Gerry Callahan (WEEI), and Rob Bradford (

McAdam on Manny’s legacy…

“In addition to all the craziness and the antics and the anecdotes that took place in those seven and a half seasons, I think his legacy ultimately is the great numbers that he put up, and that he will be remembered as the Red Sox’s greatest right-handed hitter anyway.”

Buckley on what Manny Being Manny means…

“That whole Manny being Manny thing actually had some teeth to it in a sense that when Manny did something, most players would simply say that’s Manny being Manny.”

Bradford on the hiring of Scott Boras…

“What you have to remember is why players go with Scott Boras. There are two reasons – No 1 obviously is he gets the money, but the other thing is he takes the bullet.”

Callahan on Manny vs. Youkilis…

“I don’t care what Youkilis said, (Manny) is a grown man – he smacks another teammate and people defend him. That was the day that I decided he could do anything.”

Shaughnessy on the McCormick incident

“The Sox, I thought, were embarrassingly not active in that thing. They didn’t publicly sanction him. They didn’t suspend him, which they should have done. It was one more moment of enabling and letting this guy do whatever he wants to do.”

Shaughnessy on the Yankee Stadium at bat…

“In retrospect, now, it looks like part of the plan to get out of here. It’s taken on a more sinister look to me. I do think he was up there having a day off and just sticking it to them.”

Manny Being Manny premiers on Christmas night immediately after Celtics Post Game Live at 8 p.m. and will rerun exclusively on Comcast SportsNet throughout the off season and Spring Training. The schedule includes telecasts on:


Thu, 12/25 8 & 10:30 p.m.
Fri, 12/ 26 9 p.m.
Tue, 12/30 7:30 p.m.
Wed, 12/ 31 7 p.m.


Thu, 1/1 8 & 10:30 p.m.
Fri, 1/2 5:30 p.m.
Sun, 1/4 9 p.m.

Hopefully I’ll be getting a chance to see this before it airs, but at this point it seems to me too early for a retrospective of this sort on Ramirez. The emotions are still raw, his exit overshadows all the wonderful things he did at the plate in his time here.

Having Callahan and Shaughnessy on the program ensures that there will be plenty of bile and that this will be no puff piece on the talents of Ramirez. The quote from McAdam above is what I believe the perspective on Manny will be 10 years from now, and is the correct one.


10 thoughts on “CSN Plans “Manny being Manny” Special for Christmas Night

  1. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!! I love Shawnessy and Callahan, hering them together in one place discussing a great topic like LAZY MANNY will have me in front of the tv on Christmas eve. HOPEFULLY JERRY MAKES A JOKE ABOUT MANNY BEING PART OF THE WAR ON CRISTMAS! HAHAHA. I know I will have my VCR set to record for this.

    EMOTIONS ARE RAW. THat is true. MANNY HURT THE fanbase time after time. MY 25 year old son burned his MANNY jersey when the Dodgers made the playoffs.

    Luckily we had CURT to keep him in check but notice how when CURT left Manny had no one to stop his JAWJACKING and THUG attitude.

    It would be wise to consider bringing CURT to the team as pitching coach or bench coach to make sure some of the LAZYER players give 110 persent for 162 games.


    1. You speak the truth friend…We need more gritty guys like Varitek on the team who play with hahhhhhhhht and soul.


  2. Mike Adams must be outraged that he wasn’t consulted on this.

    I’m glad they went with the Forehead: Golfboy would be too ecstatic that his master plan of driving all non-white members of the Red Sox off the team is working. First “Pedro the Punk” now Manny. Watch out, Papi!


  3. I’d approach this show the same way I approach the sports pages – read McAdam while ignoring Callahan, Mazz, Shank and the rest of their type.


  4. that would be like having KKKalahan or Dennis on to discuss Obama.

    Or me to discuss Ordway, Shepherd, Callahan, Dennis, Smerlas.


  5. hmmmm…let me think about this….a “documentary” featuring noted blowhards Shaughnessy, Callahan, and Buckley…..NO THANKS….I’d rather be forced to watch an, “Around the Horn” marathon at full volume.

    and no matter what your thoughts are on Manny, when is the Boston Sports Media going to stop their OBSESSION with him?….jeeze…..HE DOESN’T PLAY HERE ANYMORE…..get over it. I guess it’s to be expected since these media morons know nothing about the games, they focus on the soap opera aspect of sports. (of course if Manny signs with the Yankees it’s going to be much,much, worse)


  6. This is like a jilted girlfriend constantly talking about her ex. The Boston Media LOVES Manny. Always have, always will. Why would they want a team full of Variteks, Becketts, and Youkilis’? It would be boring.


  7. Their is only 1 guy missing that would add to this & its Tony Mazz. I can do without buckley & bradford(they add nothing to me-both way over-rated!)Love Shank…..we all know he IS the best!


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