WCVB-TV’s Mike Lynch reported tonight that Red Sox officials were down in Texas tonight meeting face-to-face (an indication of progress in the talks) with agent Scott Boras about free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Other outlets jumped quickly to confirm the story, but Lynch was the first in with the news.

WEEI.com: Report: Red Sox officials meeting Boras to talk Teixeira

Boston.com: Reports: Sox in Texas meeting on Teixeira

BostonHerald.com: Ch. 5: Red Sox meeting with Boras now in Texas about Teixeira

Update: 11:15 pm Now apparently the Sox are out of it, after John Henry sent an email to media members saying that after listening to the other offers that Teixeira got, the Red Sox are “not going to be a factor” in the race to sign the free agent.

Wow. I don’t understand why Henry would email the media on this.  Does he love the drama?

This is Manny’s fault. I’m sure of it.


7 thoughts on “Lynch Gets Scoop on Teixeira Talks

  1. ….doesn’t surprise me at all…. listening to the Boston Media Blowhards tell me all day long that it was a, “done deal”….(pompous ass Dale Arnold said in his haughty (and whiney) voice, “oh, THIS DEAL WAS DONE 3 WEEKS AGO!!”)…..the first thing I thought was, it’s NOT a done deal…….when will these clowns ever learn?….


    1. I guess Dale’s opinion will be that this is all ‘posturing’ on Henry’s part and that the deal really WAS done three weeks ago. Then again, he may pretend to be a state worker and take the day off because of snow.


  2. The problem with the media comparing this to the Matsuzaka negotiations is that Dice-K could only sign with the Sox or go back to Japan; Teixeira has more teams bidding for his services. This probably has to do with Henry taking a bath on the stock market. Sell your 100’+ yacht and sign the guy. Then again, Bruce is right, it will be blamed on Manny.


    1. Sam,

      Smart people (I include Mr. Henry in this group) started putting their funds in cash last Spring. If Henry loses something like 10-20% of his value then he’s still not likely to qualify for state assistance or even hurting just a little bit.

      As long as I remember the Sox have been infatuated with Teixeira. This current Sox regime has dealt a lot with Boras and everyone knows there is no crevasse with depth enough that Boras won’t go to get MORE MONEY. Most thrifty teams won’t deal with Boras but the Sox do – and that’s one way they acquire and keep talent.

      But there is a threshold for dealing with that idiot and certainly after they met with Teixeira there were things said that didn’t mesh with what Boras had told them. To me it’s clear the Sox are calling someone’s bluff.

      Perhaps M.T. really prefers a different team and is using the Sox to make them raise their offer or something else. But it appears as if Henry isn’t going to play the patsy and needed the press to let all the involved parties know.

      I certainly wish and hope M.T. signs with the Sox – he’s their type of player and would be a fan favorite but I applaud Mr. Henry for not letting a sleazeball like Boras use him. In the end, everyone is better off, except Boras and his client; which is the way it should be.


  3. I agree on Dale…….his act is so tired & boring no wonder the bruins didn’t want it either! H e is so predictable….and has become so unlistenable. I wish Felger would take his place permanetly!


  4. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE DALE!!! TH eman is a FamiLy man, compassionate conservative, smart, knows all major sports inside and out. I’ve never met him BUT I AM PROUD TO CALL HIM MY FRIEND!


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