From Bill:

Did Shaughnessy officially turn into Joe Fitzgerald today? Where was “Cakes are cooking for Leigh Montville (62) and Bob Sales (78).”

Check out the last 4 lines of his column.

Only seven pitchers in baseball history have won more games than Greg Maddux (355). Staggering.

Congratulations to former NESN Sox reporter Tina Cervasio, who completed the New York City Marathon in 4:24:13 for the benefit of the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

“Top of the World,” by former Globie Peter May, does a nice job telling the story of the 2007-08 Celtics.

Revs in Chicago for the playoffs tomorrow night. Just a hunch, but I’m guessing nil-nil.

That passes as the end of a sports column in 2008?


4 thoughts on “Email Of The Day

  1. It does if you’re “Lazy Dan” Shaughnessy, who never offers readers anything new, fresh or interesting. Lazy Dan’s columns typically require 20-30 seconds of thought on his part–life’s tough when you’re an increasingly irrelevant hack.

    Two words for Dan: Joe Posnanski. Besides being naturally talented, he’s smart, insightful, funny, and extremely thought-provoking. Shaughnessy must get winded just thinking about the amount of work it would take to be anywhere near that guy’s league.


  2. “That passes as the end of a sports column in 2008?”

    As much as Shaughnessy passes for a sports columnist in 2008, I suppose.


  3. I am one who enjoys these potpourri sports articles. Its a great way to read what a writer thinks on many different topics. And you know when he wants to write something good…..He still can “pen” it!


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