This morning, Dennis & Callahan made a joke about the election being postponed until tomorrow, and that Democrats should vote then. Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin wasn’t amused and issued a “warning” to the talk show hosts. 

WRKO and WEEI Program Director Jason Wolfe responded to the incident with the following statement:

“In their comments relative to today’s election, Dennis and Callahan were obviously joking about a story that has received significant media coverage. WEEI has been on the air today reminding listeners that today is the only day to vote and encouraging them to vote before the polls close,”


37 thoughts on “D&C Election Joke Not Funny to SoS

  1. Even if they were joking, how hard would it have been for Jason Wolfe to apologize for any impact the comments might have had?

    1. Very hard. I believe D&C’s ratings are still through the roof. When they start to slip then it will be time to take a stand.

  2. Well, I don’t know if the ratings trackers catch it, but when D&C start with the politics, I go to WBZ for news or pop in a CD. I don’t think I have listened past the “flash” in about a month.

  3. WEEI was a disgrace today. During breaks in O&A, I would flip over and the bile and stupidity of D&C was through the roof. A few hours later I tried to listen to D&H with Felger (who is the most listenable on that station. Damning with faint praise, I know). They were talking sports until one of them brought up the election and The Great White Dhale went off on some half-baked, self important political statement and that was the end of the show. A few hours later I flipped to The Big Show and it was the Big Fraud doing his “Let met tell you how it is” bit about the election.

    The worst radio imaginable. I used to ponder who was more stupid; Callahan in the way he articulated his political views or the people who would call him up to debate him. I have come to the conclusion that the “liberal callers” are all plants. Nobody would care to debate Callahan.

  4. I thought what D and C did was hilarious. If you are THAT STUPID to believe what they said, you don’t deserve to have a vote.

    I loved it.

    Unfortunately, Gerry might want to update his resume. When Obama gets in, Sen. Chuck Schumer is already talking about instituting the Fairness Doctrine, which will basically wipe out conservative talk radio.

    1. The fairness doctrine is crap, but anything that infuriates the Callahans, Ordways, Limbaughs and shock jocks of the world is okay by me.

      Don’t pass the stupid bill, but it keep it out there to make no talent frauds in the talk radio sweat it out. Classic entertainment.

  5. The Fairness Doctrine won’t get past that pesky little document called the Bill of Rights and it’s 1st Amendment. If Chuck wants to go a different route and pass a constitutional amendment banning D & C from the airwaves I’d support that.

    1. It is rather comical that a bill called ‘The Fairness Doctrine’ only targets talk radio, and then only Conservative talk radio. Abundantly fair.

    2. I think we’re all down for that. Unless you’re dying to know which non-white Red Sox player Dennis the Hutt will be trying to eliminate next year.

  6. Funny as a crutch describes these two jokers. Why anybody would waste one second listening to their show is beyond me.

  7. This Fairness Doctrine always sounded a little specious to me, but if it replaces D & C with a listenable morning drive show than I am willing throw the First Amendment in the crapper and reconsider.

      1. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Incidentally, the last time I listened to D and C for more than five minutes was when they were in exile. Coincidence?

        ESPN is really screwing the pooch here. They’re up against an awful right wing talk show masquerading as sports with 3 miserable hosts who do nothing but antagonize Boston and it’s fan base, and the best they can do is Mike and Mike? Honestly?

  8. I’ve given up on ESPN Radio Boston. Felger was a good host (and good over at WEEI when he is embarrassing Dale), but his replacements are awful. Halloran sends thank you notes to Steve Burton for being the one local sportscaster dumber than he is. Lew & Mike both have voices made for print and they get stuck talking about one subject for too long. Boorring!

    1. When your sports alternative is the crackly sound of Mike Francessa talking to himself, you know sports radio is in trouble…

    2. Lew and Mike are so bad I stuck ice picks into my ears after listening to them five minutes. Contrarian blowhards who dont’ know sports.

  9. I am bored at work, so I thought I might TRY to listen to EEI this afternoon.

    Well, right now Butch Sterns is talking politics. I think I might slam my head through my cube.

  10. I stopped lsitening to WEEI when the station changed its programming format from Sports to Right Wing Political Talk. I had once liked listening to the station when it featured sports as it was an escape from serious things.

    It is a poor indictment of the station that it continues to employ Dennis and Callahan after their numerous well publicized insenstive comments. It is sad that the station gives these hosts a forum to promote their bigotry, hatred, and fear-mongering.

    I suggest others do as I have done. Stop listening to the station and do not patronize any of its advertisers. I hold their sponsors such as Giant Glass accountable for the station’s actions. In my view if advertisers continue to do business with WEEI, they are condoning things and are complicit.

    1. my sports media consumpion these days basicly comes from this site. I don’t know when it happened exactly, it may have been how the media handled the whole “spygate saga” but I read/listen to very little sports media now. It just finally dawned on me, why do I give a rat’s ass about the opinions of ANY of these guys??….I mean really, just who are all these talking heads??…They don’t know any more about sports or politics than I do.

      I just don’t have the stomach to listen to these blowhards anymore, their whole act just bores me know. I still love sports but for me it’s all about what happens between the white lines now. And if I don’t want to listen or read about their sports opinions anymore, I SURE AS HELL don’t want to listen to their opinions on politics.

  11. Well, broadcast hoaxes aren’t considered funny. You have to remember a few years back when one station said that the mayor had been killed in a car crash, and it was somehow an April Fool’s joke of some type. Ho ho ho.

    I agree that if someone heard that and believed it, they’d have to be a bit, uh, I guess the word is naive. Gullible? Ignorant? Whatever… but … why bother making such a lame joke?

  12. If they like funny radio pranks, they must have really enjoyed how Sarah Palin was unwittingly taken by a prank call from a Canadian comedian posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy…

  13. William Galvin has to be a complete and thorough putz. In the words of the inimitable Sgt. Hulka, “lighten up, Francis.” Why do we accept mooks like this as our public officials?

    1. I was thinking the same thing….with Obama in office it’s just a matter of time before either Dennis or Callahan slips up again, just a matter of time…

      1. So there’s some good news for everyone: D&C will be off the EEI airwaves within four years!

        And AOB, I’m with ya on sticking to the games and shying away from the constant analysis by the getting-dumber-by-the-minute Boston sports media (at least a large majority of them, anyway). I think it will take awhile for EEI to really feel a ratings shock, but I have to think their popularity has already peaked.

  14. I blame JASON WOLFE what a napoleonic little man with no scrupels. Its all his doing & he could stop the monsense. His choices for RKO are even worse! What a clown he really is!! he rode the coat-tails of being in THE greatest sports city in america!

  15. Everyone can take comfort in a rather simple equation: Ad revenues will continue to fall; so too will listenership. This means pink slips for some of the on-air talent we despise. Some of them (Mustard & Johnson) have already been terminated. And proof of the fact that these people have zero talent? None of them have resurfaced anywhere.

  16. When Mike Marcello left the sales team at WEEI, that’s when ad revenues started slipping. The worst is yet to come.

  17. Like most everyone else who’s commented here, I love sports. I love listening to intelligent conversation between people who know the subject, particularly when there is legitimate give and take between them. I think my college age daughter had just been born the last time the previous statement applied to D & C.
    If I wanted political talk, there are lots of options available to me. And then I’d be listening to people who have a point of view that goes beyond “liberals are lazy slugs who just want to live off the public dole”.
    I’ve stopped listening to ‘EEI in the morning and if things don’t change soon, I’ll stop in the afternoon as well.

    1. I agree. I’ve given up on the morning show, for many reasons that I won’t go into here. The Big Show has lost me as well. The talking over each other is finally too much to take, as well as the wannabe political pundits offering their take on the imminent communist takeover of our county. I turned to Dale and Holly last week because that is where I formally tuned in, knowing that I could hear sports. But when Dale decided to chime in and give his gloom-and-doom take on the “inexperienced” president-elect… Enough already! There are plenty of options if I want to listen to politics; WEEI surely isn’t one of them. It appears that they are slowing losing their narcissistic status as a viable option for sports as well.

  18. I think I have more of a problem with their take on sports than I do with their politics. There’s nothing the two of them can say that is even half as stupid as the nonsense pouring from Finneran (on the left) and Howie the Hostage (on the right) on WRKO, a more useless station than WEEI will ever be.
    It’s the sports that drives me away. Their whining about late games and “running up the score” and their refusal to NOT compare everything to golf is horrendous. John Dennis’s constant drive to get people kicked off the Red Sox is beyond contempt and no one at the station is more of an idiot contrarian than Meter. Their political drivel is merely the icing on the cake.

    1. yes, I agree. I hardly listen to these guys anymore but on the rare occasion I do and they are talking sports I find myself wishing they would talk politics.

  19. Glad to hear other people are fed up with D&C. I think their “commentary” leading up to the presidential election reached a new nadir. I have gradually tuned in less and less to the point where I finally decided to boycott these two hateful disgraces and emailed Jason Wolfe, an email I’m sure he trashed.

    The Big Schmo and his cohorts aren’t a whole lot better. These guys know absolutely nothing about politics but still try to break it down. It’s so bad.

    I have a feeling D&C are in the middle of a slow fade in the ratings. I don’t think any left-leaning sports fan, or moderate for that matter, should give these guys an audience. On the plus side, it’s clear the country has become fed up with their ilk, so maybe they are all doing us a favor.

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