It’s an election Tuesday here in New England and across the country. Since there’s a lot you’re likely paying attention to elsewhere, here’s a few quicklinks to get you on your way.

On Patriots Daily, Scott Benson pins Sunday night’s loss on Bill Belichick.

It’s report card Tuesday for the Patriots, Michael Felger has some strong grades, but lists the receivers as the weakest link on Sunday night. Ron Borges is toughest on the tight end and coaching staff. Eric McHugh grades the entire first half of the season for the Patriots. Ian Clark is generally pleased with the performance of the students.

Bill Burt has Steve Grogan jumping on the Matt Cassel bandwagon, saying that the Patriots QB is a player. Gerry Callahan agrees. So does Bill Reynolds, who says we don’t need to worry any longer about Cassel.  John Tomase says that the Patriots need to let Cassel go for it more, especially in the Red Zone. Glen Farley looks at the Patriots struggles in the Red Zone. Rich Garven also examines the Patriots struggles inside the 20. Robert Lee has more on this topic.

Christopher L. Gasper says that the Patriots have some work to do inside the division.  Ben Swasey has a mostly positive view of Sunday night after a second look. Brian MacPherson has a look at Jerod Mayo’s contributions to the defense thus far.

Gasper’s notebook has the Patriots frustrated with some non-calls Sunday night. Tomase’s notebook has Mayo taking another step in his development against the Colts. Lee’s notebook has Mayo living up to his status as a high draft pick thus far.

Red Sox

In something of a change from past years, it appears there are only three Boston writers at the baseball GM Meetings. Alex Speier has the Red Sox not looking at just the 2009 season, but well beyond. Nick Cafardo has Theo Epstein settling down to work with his contract status fully resolved. Sean McAdam has Epstein placing the status of Jason Varitek high on his to-do list.

Joe McDonald says that Boston will be in the hunt for a top-line pitcher this offseason. McAdam’s notebook says that the Red Sox are the leaders for the services of Japanese free agent pitcher Junichi Tazawa.


Bob Ryan isn’t sure what the trade of Allen Iverson to Detroit really means. Mark Murphy looks at how the move might impact the Celtics. Frank Dell’Apa says that the road will be tougher for the Celtics this season. Mike Fine remembers that the Celtics last trip to Houston was a memorable one. Marc J. Spears looks at the questions that still surround Tracy McGrady.  Murphy’s notebook has Paul Pierce talking about heading to (and playing in) Greece when his NBA days are over.

Fluto Shinzawa has Tim Thomas seizing the role of #1 goaltender for the Bruins. Rich Thompson has Chuck Kobasew looking to get out on the ice.

Adam Kilgore has a look at Boston College senior point guard Tyrese Rice, who has found that fatherhood has changed him.

Will Leitch devotes his entire mailbag to Bill Simmons and his ongoing frustration at ESPN. I’m always a little surprised at still how much attention Simmons gets for this stuff. Whenever something comes out about him or his job, it’s all over the Deadspins,  and The Big Leads of the world, with endless speculation about his status. What’s ironic to me is that it is even more so outside of Boston that this takes place. Simmons is clearly a national entity, despite his Boston background and allegiances. All over the country messageboards light up, blogs get fired up and columns written about the latest Simmons soap opera. Even Will Leitch…who has made his own successful way amongst the blogosphere and mainstream media jungle feels compelled to weight in on it. Strange, very strange.



12 thoughts on “Election Day Quicklinks

  1. Hey Bruce – love the site…I’ve been digging through the old Media Approval Ratings stuff in the past few days. Always interesting.

    I’m not sure why you don’t understand the Simmons stuff though. He’s a national name that started locally and has relevance because of his appeal. I’m sure if it was another name that was publicly going through this, we’d still have interest. Look at guys like Jay Mariotti, who sparked all kinds of discussion when he left his gig. Certain figures polarize us…Simmons is one of them.

    He hit at the right time when the ‘net became a more hardcore resource for us to look for information, hence why there is more interest for his moves and issues.

    Great site…keep up the good work.


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