Ken from Fang’s Bites (note the new web address if you bookmark my site) with the Friday Megalinks.

The Megalinks are all over the place with baseball talk with various football and NHL stories thrown in for good measure. Before we get into the megalinks, let’s do our Weekend Viewing Picks.

TBS has full coverage of the American League Championship Series starting tonight at 8:37. While it’s nice not to have Tim McCarver on this series, we do get Chip Carey who does not seem to know a hole in the wall if it’s located two inches in front of his face. He’s offset by solid analysts Buck Martinez and Ron Darling who join Chip in the booth and Craig Sager will be on the sidelines. NESN’s Dennis Eckersley continues his strong work in TBS’ studio with host Ernie Johnson, Jr. and co-analysts Harold Reynolds and Cal Ripken, Jr.

NESN has a pre and postgame show with Tom Caron and Jerry Remy and a co-analyst du jour.

If you can’t watch the action, WRKO/WEEI will have Joe Castiglione and Dale Arnold on the call. If you’re wondering where Dave O’Brien is, he’ll call the ALCS for ESPN/MLB International.

Fox will have Game 2 of the National League Championship between Philadelphia and Los Angeles this afternoon at 4:35 and it will travel to the West Coast and resume Sunday night at 8:22 p.m.

If you’re wondering about start times for the rest of each series, I have them along with the announcing assignments here.

Luckily, there’s no conflict between the Patriots and Red Sox on Sunday as the ALCS uses the day for travel. NBC has Pats-Chargers on Sunday Night Football starting at 8:15. Al Michaels, John Madden and Andrea Kremer will be in the Stadium formerly known as Jack Murphy. For the rest of the Sunday schedule, you can look in the NFL Viewing Picks.

Over to College Football, Comcast SportsNet has the UMass-Northeastern game at noon. Versus carries the Cornell-Harvard game also at noon. NESN has Yale-Dartmouth at 12:30 p.m.

In the national schedule, the annual Red River Shootout (or Rivalry as its now being called) takes place at the Cotton Bowl. Texas and Oklahoma square off and College Gameday will broadcast live from both outside and inside the Cotton Bowl at 10 a.m. on ESPN, then ABC has the game live at noon. CBS has an SEC doubleheader starting with Tennessee-Georgia at 3:30 p.m., then a primetime game between LSU and Florida at 8 p.m. Because ABC has commitments to NASCAR, it will not carry a primetime game and because CBS has a doubleheader, ESPN cannot show any SEC games on Saturday. The list of nationally televised games is in the College Football Viewing Picks.

As mentioned, NASCAR has a night race on Saturday, the Bank of America 500 which ABC carries at 7:25 p.m.

The PGA Fall Swing to which no one has been paying attention is in Texas for the Valero Texas Open and that’s on Golf Channel on Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m.

The Seniors Players Championship is on NBC both days also at 4 p.m.

The LPGA Tour’s Longs Drugs Challenge is on tape delay on Golf Channel, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

And on Showtime, Vitali Klitschko fights Samuel Peter for the WBC Heavyweight Championship and Antonio Tarver goes for the IBF Light Heavyweight Belt Saturday night at 9.

Now to your links.


USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks about a former USC lineman who now helps Hollywood make realistic football scenes for movies.

Joe Favorito likes how the NHL is trying to grab casual fans.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell is going to call out athletes who wear products contrary to what they are paid to endorse.

Awful Announcing (through Going Five Hole) has the video of Def Leppard disrespecting the Stanley Cup last night in Detroit.

SportsbyBrooks has a story of a Minneapolis talk show host claiming Magic Johnson faked having AIDS. Hoo boy. And Michael Rand of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune gets Magic’s reaction.

To Maury Brown’s Biz of Hockey blog and a story in which the NHL is teaming with CBC and sponsor Scotiabank to create a new FanFav Award.

East and Mid-Atlantic

David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch makes his last blog entry for a while as he prepares to finish a book project. In this last entry, David talks about Michael Wilbon making some questionable remarks about Elite XC’s Kimbo Slice and Bob Cousy no longer a part of Celtics broadcasts.

Barstool Sports has the video of Philadelphia TV anchor Dawn Timmeney getting hit in the boob by a baseball during an interview. Really. You can’t make this stuff up.

From the Boston Globe, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell talks with TBS’ Buck Martinez about the Red Sox-Rays ALCS.

Bill Doyle of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette has NESN’s Jerry Remy missing the booth during the MLB Postseason.

Justin Terranova of the New York Post talks with ESPN’s Lou Holtz about the marquee college football matchups on Saturday. And Justin has five questions for Fox Sports’ Tim McCarver.

In his blog, Neil Best of Newsday says WFAN’s Mike Francesca will bring in midday host Joe Benigno in for a tryout today. And Neil writes that the Mets are close to hashing out an agreement with current radio rights holder WFAN.

Laura Nachman has the Philadelphia sportscaster lineup heading out west to cover the Phillies-Dodgers series.

Ray Frager of the Baltimore Sun discusses Versus’ foray into sports comedy.

Jim Williams in the DC Examiner discusses the Washington Capitals’ NHL season opener being aired on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic and WFED tonight.


Jay Posner in the San Diego Union-Tribune talks with NBC’s John Madden about the Chargers. Jay also has a look at the ratings in San Diego over the last week.

John Maffei from the North County Times says Patriots-Chargers is must see TV on Sunday night.

Jim Carlisle of the Ventura County Star discusses Fox Sports’ Tim McCarver’s statements calling Manny Ramirez despicable for his behavior for forcing a trade from the Red Sox. In his TV notes, Jim says the MLB Postseason is having trouble rating up against other TV competition.

Houston Mitchell of the Los Angeles Times does not like the DirecTV ad recalling “Poltergeist” which also uses the image of Heather O’Rourke who died at age 12. I don’t like it either and I can’t help but thinking about her death whenever I see that ad.

Steve Springer of the Times feels Charles Barkley is missing from TBS’ baseball studio.

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News talks with TBS’ Ron Darling about the 1988 NLCS in which the Dodgers beat his Mets. Tom reviews a week’s worth of his blog posts in his blog (naturally). Tom has his extensive media notes that he could not fit into his column.

In the San Jose Mercury News, John Ryan points out an important factual error in the Ernie Davis biopic, “The Express” which opens in movie theaters today.

Gary Washburn in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer welcomes Harold Reynolds’ return to MLB TV analysis this season.


The Montreal Gazette says CBC’s ignoring of the Canadiens has proven to be a boon for French language network, RDS.

Slam! Sports picks up a Canadian Press story on the two finalists for the new Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge.

As for the original theme, the Canadian Press says a Montreal rock group plans to re-record it this weekend.

Broadcaster Magazine says all of TSN’s studio shows are set to air in HD starting this weekend.


Doug Nye of The State says the SEC’s TV partners are leaving next week’s South Carolina-LSU game in the lurch.

Dave Darling of the Orlando Sentinel also discusses Versus’ new “Sports Soup” program.

Ray Buck of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says ESPN’s Steven A. Smith is tired of covering Adam “Don’t Call me Pacman” Jones.

Barry Horn in the Dallas Morning News also has Smith lashing out at Adam “Not Pacman” Jones. Barry also has a College Gameday quiz. Barry is happy that all Dallas Stars home games will be aired in HD.

The Houston Chronicle’s David Barron says ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit will be all over the place during College Gameday tomorrow.

In the Daily Oklahoman, Mel Bracht also looks at College Gameday starting its show outside the Cotton Bowl, then moving inside. Mel talks with Herbstreit about his busy day. And Texas-Oklahoma tops Mel’s Weekend Viewing Picks.


Marc Katz of the Dayton Daily News advises readers to get their antennas out to watch Sunday Night Football as a dispute between Time Warner and the local NBC affiliate has left the channel off the lineup.

Michael Zuidema of the Grand Rapids (MI) Press says a local sportscaster is happy to be back on the job after a heart attack.

Bob Wolfley in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the Yankees are conspicuous by their absence by the lower ratings for the MLB Postseason on TBS.

Ted Cox of the Chicago Daily Herald is happy to have Pat Foley callling Blackhawks games again.

Over to the Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin and Paul Christian who says you can add the NHL to a sports weekend that is already overflowing.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dan Caesar says popular Blues radio analyst Kelly Chase is battling a lesion on his brain.

Jeffrey Flanagan of the Kansas City Star writes that if you want to irritate Chiefs’ radio voice Mitch Holthus, call him a homer.

That’s going to do it. Enjoy your three day weekend.


4 thoughts on “Friday Megalinks Potpourri

  1. listen to Dale Arnold do play by play or listen to nails on a chalkboard?…..I’d choose nails on a chalkboard


  2. That’s too bad. It probably means that if the Sox get to the WS O’Brien will again work internationale.

    Chew on this: if the Sox win back-to-back, the championship DVDs for the last two years will have some audio highlights featuring the calls of Glen Geffner and Dale Arnold.

    There are rumors that to make some extra cash, Jerry Trupiano will take your Sox DVDs and dub in his voice for Geff or Dale.


  3. Dale Arnold is an insufferable douchebag now. Just imagine what he will be like after he has called Red Sox playoff games.

    During the season (during which he was doing PBP only because Entrercom was too cheap to get a professional), he would talk about what he knew about the Red Sox in some smarmy know-it-all manner. Most annoying sports radio prick ever. Kisses the asses of every person he interviews and forms his opinions based on who is writing his checks that week.

    Listen for him to ask a question along the lines of “Gee, how great is the play of player X? Isn’t it something?”

    He did a 180 turn on the Bruins after they told him they couldn’t afford him eating at the press buffet.

    I hope you explode, you milquetoast, know-nothing suckup.


  4. I question with all the money the Sox have, can’t they find a better tandem for their WEEI radio games? I know we’ve had some great people here, but every time Dale Arnold comes on, I switch right to music.

    I’d rather see snippets on sportscenter than to hear is rambling useless analysis.

    One time, he remarked in an important part of the game, how some player ( maybe Youkilis or Drew ) was 13 for 60 on weekend night games, or something of that sort.

    That meant NOTHING! All of his stats remind me of someone who sifts through Yahoo fantasy baseball to pick whatever is favorable to mention to someone else.

    I don’t need a nerdy fantasy number cruncher telling me useless stats every 5 minutes. They should put Bill James to work and have them call these games. I feel bad for Joe.

    What happened to Jerry btw?


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