David Scott has his last (for awhile) edition of Scott’s Shots before he settles down and gets his book project finished. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has her media column in the Globe, with Buck Martinez talking Red Sox/Rays. Bill Doyle has Jerry Remy not as comfortable analyzing games from the NESN studios instead of the booth.

Tony Massarotti says that Terry Francona has redefined the position of Red Sox manager from one that used to be measured in terms of failure. Steve Buckley says that Fall no longer means a Red Sox collapse is in the cards. Hasn’t it been that way since 2004? This is new? Sean McAdam has the Rays refusing to back down in any way in this series. John Powers has a feature on the Red Sox youth movement, and how the franchise has been rebuilt in the last five seasons. John Tomase says that Jonathan Papelbon is the Red Sox own Mr October.

Dan Shaughnessy tries to find some tradition in Tampa, but can’t get past the ugly dome. Adam Kilgore has more on the experience of playing in the Tropicana Dome. Ron Chimelis has the Red Sox well aware that these Rays are formidable. Brian MacPherson says that the Rays’ pitching is the real deal. Kevin McNamara looks at Tampa’s transformation from worst to first. Joe McDonald has former Devil Rays Kevin Cash and Julio Lugo aware of the teams potential during their stint there. Jeff Jacobs has a look at Joe Maddon’s effectiveness as a manager. Nick Cafardo has the Rays finding the right mix this season.

Michael Vega has Daisuke Matsuzaka getting ready for his big assignment of pitching game one. Gerry Callahan says there is no telling what the Red Sox will get from Dice-K tonight. Rich Thompson has a look at the Rays game one starter, James Shields. Joe Haggerty has the Sox and Rays ready to do battle. Michael Silverman runs through the ALCS matchups. Joe McDonald also goes through all the matchups. David Brown has Mike Lowell still hoping for another chance to play this season.

This Bruce Allen guy also has a column on the long, crusty relationship between the Red Sox and Rays. Jeff Goldberg has more on the bad blood between the teams. Jon Couture says that the past brawls are not a factor in this series. Buckley has Jed Lowrie ahead of his own schedule. McNamara has Mark Kotsay getting the call to play first base in this series for the Red Sox. McNamara also looks at Mike Timlin, who finds himself on the roster for this series.

Kilgore’s notebook has Mike Timlin getting back onto the active roster for the ALCS. Tomase’s notebook looks at Cliff Floyd’s childhood friendship with Rodney Harrison. The ProJo notebook has David Ortiz saying that this is baseball, not professional wrestling, so there are no hard feelings in this series. The Projo Rays notebook has Evan Longoria saying that the Rays knew they’d be facing the Red Sox in the postseason. Goldberg’s notebook has the Sox rolling the Dice tonight. Bill Ballou’s notebook says that the Rays aren’t in the ALCS by accident.


The Bruins opened up their regular season late last night with a 5-4 win in Denver over the Colorado Avalanche. Stephen Harris and Fluto Shinzawa report on the win for the Bruins. Harris’ notebook has Patrice Bergeron completing his comeback, while Shinzawa’s notebook has a look at Bruins draft pick Joe Colborne, who is playing a the University of Denver.


On Patriots Daily, Britt Schramm goes on a bit of a media rant against ESPN, and then settles into what the Patriots need to do to beat the Chargers this weekend.

A couple quick links: Glen Farley notes that the Patriots/Chargers rivalry dates back to the 1963 AFL Title game. Mark Farinella has Matt Cassel and the Patriots all business out West.

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  1. Another example of how unfair this world is: Dale Arnold is doing radio play by play for the playoffs. As if that smarmy jackass can’t get any more insufferable.


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