Monday Roundup

Peter King has the Patriots still in the top 10 of his Fine 15 in Monday Morning Quarterback. In Morning Rush, Michael Silver lauds Joey Porter as an athlete who actually tells you what he's thinking. John Clayton also goes around the NFL. Sean Leahy looks at Week 3 in the NFL for USA Today.   Clark Judge welcomes Bill … Continue reading Monday Roundup

Globies Back on CSN, The Genius Of Manny

Yeah, that was Dan Shaughnessy on the 6:30 edition of CSN's Sports Tonight program last night. As Gary Tanguay explained in his blog yesterday, CSN's partnership with the Boston Herald (they were a sponsor of New England Sports Tonight) has expired, and that partnership was what had kept Globe writers off the show. Tanguay says that Tony … Continue reading Globies Back on CSN, The Genius Of Manny