So yeah, that guy KC Joyner that Glenn Ordway, Pete Sheppard and company were ripping apart on Monday? 

He has in fact been signed up to write some content for His first column is posted today, entitled Jets-Patriots, a Fascinating Concoction.

Now this just makes their attacks on the guy even more curious. Obviously they knew all along he was coming aboard. They were ruthless in the things they said about him. 

Either there is some tension in the offices over at 10 Guest Street between the web side and the radio side, (which there is a certain amount of) or was this perhaps all orchestrated just to generate some pub? In that case, it worked, as they’ve gotten plenty of attention over this matter. 

Or is that just giving them too much credit?


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    1. Hmmm, you’re right.
      I know that I searched for anything from KC Joyner on yesterday and found nothing. I also did a Google search of “KC Joyner” and “” which brought up nothing. Now when I do that same search, it brings back a number of results…


  1. I don’t see how anyone could doubt this was orchestrated? “Giving them too much credit?” They’ve risen to absurd heights in sports radio, by and large, by barely talking about sports.


  2. He tried to explain it this afternoon. Ordway said using certain fantasy stats don’t translate into being able to predict a real game’s outcome. Even admitted to having played FF before. It was kind of like a half assed apology.


  3. This was stupid. Yes, it was completely contrived and orchestrated. Plus, Ordway kept calling it “fantasy football” when that’s not what Joyner is writing about.


  4. Listening to a 2 bit ex-actor and a fat blowhard jocksniffer who can’t read act like their both “experts” on football dumping on a guy who probably knows a little more than them is a joke.

    Fraudway showed his true self when he said today they (Big Show) need to get the Football Scientist on with Fred and Steve. If Fraudway was the football maven he proclaims he and Fat Pete could educate the FS themselves.

    But we all know the FS could probably expose Fraudway and Pete for the dopes they are so its safer to being in DeAssie and Fred and they can just pigpile on top like they always do.


  5. I really don’t get their problem. Their snide remarks belittle millions of fantasy fans, most of whom are not the “geeks” Glenn et. al. believe them to be. I’m sure between the bunch of them, not one has attempted to play fantasy football for an extended period of time, meaning that they’re all speaking out against something with which they have no direct experience. For a bunch of “experts” who are quick to point out the ignorance of callers that don’t express the same views as them, they’re coming from a position of ignorance themselves.

    I was actually thinking about calling up earlier today when Glenn refused to move on from the topic but thought better of it when I realized I wouldn’t have been able to get more than three words in before being yelled at for being a “fantasy nerd” and not knowing enough about “real football.”

    Needless to say, I lost a lot of the little amount of respect I have for the Big Show guys today.


  6. If Bill Clinton was sometimes referred to as “The Teflon President”, there is no doubt EEI is the teflon radio station (and now website too). It doesn’t matter what the hosts say or do on the air (short of an FCC violation) and it doesn’t matter if they mock, ridicule or rip their listening audience, folks will keep on listening. I believe EEI has spent the last decade inserting subliminal messages into the bumpers and commercials telling listeners keep their radios tuned to only one station 24/7.

    This sports/infotainment behemoth cannot be stopped, or can it? I wonder what will be the final straw for local sports fans to utter the old Network quote?


  7. I don’t understand how any station could surive right now with “Phil Gramm” Callahan doing four hours a day.

    Who still listens to that show? I didn’t realize that New England had was loaded with so many country Club Republicans that don’t give a damn about sports.


    1. It’s amazing. I think if New England sports fans had an ounce of self respect, WEEI would have no ratings and large swaths of reporters at the Globe and Herald would have been run out of town on the rail. Why do we tolerate people who have such little respect for us?

      I still can’t believe there has been little or no blow back from Howie’s idiotic screed last week. Do Patriots fans actually like being called “whiners”? Wow.


  8. To me, it’s quite possible that the Big Show Blowhards had no idea their website contained fantasy content. They’re so willfully and proudly ignorant about so many things. Plus, being Radio Stars, they probably think of the Internet as the tail of their Big Dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d never even looked at their own website.


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