Yeah, that was Dan Shaughnessy on the 6:30 edition of CSN’s Sports Tonight program last night. As Gary Tanguay explained in his blog yesterday, CSN’s partnership with the Boston Herald (they were a sponsor of New England Sports Tonight) has expired, and that partnership was what had kept Globe writers off the show. Tanguay says that Tony Massarotti will be back on the show as well.

Tanguay’s blog has had some interesting entries as of late, as he tries to give us more “behind the scenes” type narratives about what’s going on at CSN.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Troy Brown will not be making his scheduled appearance tonight on Sports Tonight, as had been reported on the Herald’s Point After blog.

Yesterday Curt Schilling blasted Manny Ramirez on a call-in appearance to WEEI’s Big Show. Schilling’s remarks irritated me at first, simply because this is a topic we’re all sick of, and we know full well Manny was a major disruption near the end of his Red Sox tenure. Manny’s gone now, and his teammates have moved on, and have been playing their best ball of the season (well, except against Tampa) and I just didn’t see why Schilling, who hasn’t thrown a pitch all season felt it necessary to talk more about it.

On reflection, I think I have a bigger problem with how two-faced Schilling is with this stuff. When Manny was his teammate, he defended the guy to death to these very same radio shows. When Manny and Youkilis had the dust-up in the dugout earlier this season, Schilling was calling the media fools because this stuff happens all the time between teammates, and we just don’t see it. He’s defended Manny’s work ethic in the past, and played the role of good teammate.

Incidents like yesterday show that he really was just playing that role, since as soon as Manny is gone, Schilling can do an about-face and start telling all sorts of tales. I don’t like that.

It’s become customary when criticizing Schilling to acknowledge his huge contributions to the 2004 World Series championship, and to a lesser extent, the 2007 title. OK, duly noted. I’ll always be thankful that we had Curt Schilling on those clubs, and he turned in some legendary performances in his time here.

However, now that his career appears over, I’m rather sick of him. I’ve taken 38 Pitches out of my RSS reader, simply because I’m not interested in what the guy has to say. I’d rather get out now while I still have that great respect for him as a player, rather than keep reading, and totally losing all fondness for the guy.

Back to Manny for a moment, Joe Posnanski, the KC writer who has gained a huge following here in Boston simply because he puts out great stuff, has a piece on entitled The genius of Manny Ramirez. It’s a lot of stuff we already knew about Manny in better times, but also has some interesting perspectives on Ramirez as a person. Jerry Crasnick of ESPN says Manny has made a huge difference to the Dodgers both in the lineup and in the clubhouse.

Tony Massarotti wonders if David Ortiz is returning to form just in time.

TBS has announced their MLB Postseason Broadcast Team, and both Don Orsillo and Dennis Eckersley will be a part of the coverage.

Peter May on Yahoo! Sports has a feature on new Celtic Darius Miles, who says “I would have come here (to Boston) for $5 and a bag of Doritos.” No joke.

Jim Corbett of USA Today has a look at Randy Moss taking on a leadership role with the Patriots in the absense of Tom Brady.

Jeff Pearlman has a must-read feature on former Angels outfielder Lyman Bostock, a budding star who was murdered during the 1978 season.


24 thoughts on “Globies Back on CSN, The Genius Of Manny

  1. Agree with you on Schilling, but we cannot let the Manny crap fade away. Yes, we’ve moved on and everyone likes Jason Bay. But what Manny did is despicable, and Schilling’s comments show that there are guys on this team who won’t soon forget it. Here’s a good poll question for your site:

    If and when Manny Ramirez returns to Fenway in a different team’s uniform, what will the reception be?

    A) Mostly cheers
    B) Mostly boos
    C) Even mix
    D) Silence

    I debated this with some buddies watching the Pats game Sunday and everyone said mostly boos.


    1. I think that’s what every true sports fan wants to know in the midst of a pennant race: will the fans boo Manny when he comes back here at some undetermined future date in another team’s uniform? I know, let’s have a poll question! I love when Tanguay and Felgie do that!


  2. You are dead on about Schilling. That’s exactly what he said before and after the manny trade. I enjoyed listening to it…..but he talks out of both ends. Thats why Shaughnessy is right in their one on one battle!


  3. Oh by the way……..what a MUCH BETTER show the 10-2 is on EEI with FELGER & HOLLEY! If only EEI will LISTEN & put an end to the “AW CHUCKS” personality of one dale arnold!


    1. I can’t agree with you more Duke…

      Holley and Felger is actually something that I don’t mind listening to. Dale is horrendous and makes listening to EEI in the afternoon unbearable.

      His gay interviews and disguised homer tendencies are so annoying.

      Why wouldn’t EEI use Felger more anyway?


  4. I was already on the anti-Schilling bandwagon. And when the Manny-drama erupted this season, I took an even further unpopular position by being pro-Manny. I thought I was just going to have to suffer in the minority. I must have forgotten why I can’t stand Schilling, his big mouth. I’m glad other people are getting sick of him.

    I got a ton of flak when I predicted, the day after he signed his extension, that he would not pitch one inning this season. No one has apologized to me, and we seem to be doing fine without him.

    Thank you for your honesty.

    Your favorite Manny-loving Schilling-hater,


  5. Wow, great news that the Globe talent has another paycheck opportunity. I didn’t think you could make that Mohegan Sun Azz-tickling show anymore unwatchable, but plug in Shank, Lord Kevin Paul Dupont, and the voyeur AKA Amalie (beefy arms) Benjamin, and you’ve clearly created a stinkfest to rival all stinkfests.


  6. I agree to a certain extent that Schilling needs to shut up and either rehab that shoulder or clean his garage or something. If you’re not playing and you’re not providing analysis, you’re just another Larry Johnson and heaven knows we don’t need any more of that.

    However, I disagree with anyone who says he’s “two-faced” when he previously defended Manny. Think about it for a second. What was he supposed to do, bash the guy in the media?

    Being on a team with diverse personalities, sometimes you defend your colleagues not because you agree with their actions, but because you both wear the same laundry. We could all see Manny’s act was annoying and tiresome, but we have no idea what people were saying to him behind closed doors.

    I disagree with Schilling’s politics and wish he’d stop giving Shank more fuel for their feud (which no one other than them care about), but I think Schilling said the right things when it was necessary.


    1. Sure, but why does Schilling feel the need to call in and talk about this at all? If he’s truly a “team” guy, what possible good can come from bringing all this up again?

      I glad he defended Manny when they were teammates, but now that Manny’s gone, he should just say nothing. It’s not worth talking about.


      1. Well, that again falls under my belief that now that he out of the picture, he should be either rehabbing his shoulder or cleaning the garage.

        He’s never met an opinion he didn’t like. If he has one flaw, it’s that he always needs to share them.


  7. Yes you are definitly two faced when you say one thing at one time conveniently and then say another when it suits your need another time. That is THE definition of being two faced and The Schill is guilty of this you have to admit!


  8. …..well, (and I don’t believe I’m using him as a reference) BUT, “Frank from Gloucester” is correct when he calls Schilling “Red Light”….the guy never saw a microphone or camera he didn’t like…..and lets not forget, HE CALLED THE BIG SHOW to make his comments. Hell, he did his regular interview with D&C that same morning, what’s with this guy?…..don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Manny, but Schilling is too much of a camera hound for someone WHO HASN’T PLAYED ALL YEAR

    as for Dan Shaughnessy?…everytime he appears on my TV, I can’t hit the MUTE button fast enough. I can’t stand that guy.


  9. Schilling has much more character than Manny and was a much, much better teammate. With that said, I will be almost as happy when Schilling’s gone as I was when Manny left. They share one significant characteristic: supreme narcissism and ego-centricity. I wish they would both shut-up and disappear.


  10. Bruce, right on!! I am so tired of Schilling trying to make news by blasting people or just talking in you said he was great for us for 2004 and 2007 but you can only take so much from the guy until it just gets old and annoying..

    enough schilling!

    bruce, right on!


  11. I did not expect Schilling or any Sox player to bash Manny when he was here. I expected them to defend him.

    The difference with Schilling is he can’t just say the cliched line everyone else does. He has to attack those telling the truth.

    The funniest moment in WEEI history was Schilling calling out Butch Stearns who is the most loathsome creature ever to walk the earth. It was great hearing soemone put that clown in his place. You know what no one remembers, Stearns was no doubt reporting a rumor he heard because that is what he does but the rumor was the truth about the Pedro/Schilling relationship.

    Schilling is the best big game pitcher, maybe player, of his generation. What he is retired is really nothing more than another idiot willing to say or do anything to get his name in the headlines. He really isn’t all that different these days than those media members he claims to hate.


    1. Completely agree, 100%. I did enjoy his take on kobe too – but that didn’t cross the blogging line. He wrote something the mainstream journalistic hacks were afraid to even though it was the truth.

      But I have to add it is funny and interesting that we can still see links to articles here by that mousy mental cretin John Tomase who somehow isn’t as repulsive as Schilling. Give me a break. If Schilling’s blurb about Manny is worth removing a link then how about some “moral” consistency on this site.


      1. I removed Schilling’s blog from my personal RSS reader, not from this site. If you look under “Local Interest Sites” in the right sidebar, Schilling’s blog is still in there, right where it has always been.


  12. Definately agree with Bruce that Manny talk is unnecessary at this point, unless of course the Sox and LA meet to play in the World Series (speaking of which, think about the potential WS matchups if the Sox can get there. Sox-Dodgers, Sox-Cubs, and to a lesser extent, Sox-Mets – talk about intrigue!)

    Not sure what the business/legal restrictions are, but I wouldn’t have been at all suprised if Schilling had been hired as a contributor when they rehauled this summer. Big name, controversial, over-the-top opinions – I can’t think of a better fit for the guy.


  13. I’m just grateful that NOBODY feels worse about Curt getting 8 mil for nothing than Curt does. That has really got to take the sting out of whoever had to do the physical act of cutting the 8 million dollar check. I mean, really, it’s pretty easy to find 8 million dollars laying around and to hand it over to someone for nothing, so knowing that whoever gets the money at leasts feels really, really bad about it all. Whew!


  14. I completely agree with Schilling. Manny is a piece of horse crap and has no character. The outspoken Schilling is just(predictably) the first one of his teammates to speak up. I suspect that we will hear some sordid tales once the season is over.

    I guess that there is a balance with human beings. Someone is given a phenominal gift and talent as was Manny, but is otherwise a worthless human being. It was one thing after another with this a**hole for years….good riddance.


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