Jon Lester came up big once again last night, as the lefty went seven innings, giving up just one run to improve to 12-4 on the season. Jason Bay hit a pair of home runs to lead the offense, and Jonathan Papelbon went four outs to pick up his 33rd save in the 6-3 Red Sox win over Baltimore.

Jeff Horrigan has Lester enhancing his status as a stopper, as his numbers following a Red Sox loss are eye-popping this season. Amalie Benjamin has an unexpected punch of offense from Jason Varitek providing a boost as well. Joe McDonald has three homers and Lester on the mound proving to be the recipe for a win last night. Jeff Goldberg has Jason Bay looking like Manny Ramirez at the plate last night. Bill Ballou has more on Bay looking like the Manny of old last night.

Tony Massarotti says that these Red Sox are still pretty much a mystery, as we still can’t tell if they have anything in common with their immediate ancestors. Nick Cafardo has Lester and David Ortiz stepping up their games for a playoff run. Lenny Megliola says that Kevin Youkilis has been the Red Sox MVP this season.

Massarotti has John Farrell and Terry Francona talking about the struggles of Josh Beckett, who they still insist is the ace of their staff. Garry Brown says that Joe Madden of Tampa Bay is a manager with guts. Rob Bradford talks to Kevin Millar about Manny Ramirez, and the former Red Sox says that the club had to be proactive in confronting Manny in the past.

Tuned in to WEEI last night for a few minutes in the car, and was relieved to know that Mike Adams is still talking about Manny. It’s good to know you can always count on certain things, like death and taxes. I’m glad he’s not like, obsessed, or anything.

Horrigan’s notebook has Jason Bay adjusting back to his normal swing after trying too hard to take aim at the Green Monster at Fenway. Benjamin’s notebook has Youkilis and Sean Casey talking about the difficulty of starting a double play from first base. McDonald’s notebook has more on Lester as the stopper. Goldberg’s notebook has the Red Sox placing a call to the Shelton team that is representing New England in the Little League World Series. Ballou’s notebook has Daisuke Matsuzaka looking to add to his Cy Young credentials with tonight’s start.


Mark Farinella remembers James Busch Orthwein, who in many ways, saved the Patriots franchise and allowed it to become what it is today under Robert Kraft.

Christopher L. Gasper says there is no reason to panic regarding the Patriots play in the preseason, as there are many reasons why they’re looking the way they are at the moment. Douglas Flynn agrees that there is no real cause for panic here. In looking back at the game, John Tomase says that there was certainly more bad than good that came out of Sunday night’s game. Robert Lee says that after these two preseason games, the Patriots are still far from a Super team. Glen Farley says that while the losses are bad, the offense is even worse at this point.

Ian Clark says that Tom Brady is proving how valuable he is to the team by not playing. Rich Garven has Brady just trying to get healthy before the season begins. Glen Farley says that a backup plan is desperately needed. Jim Donaldson says that the Patriots will only go as far as Brady’s health can take them.

Gasper’s notebook has Brady unsure if he’ll be ready to play on Friday night, and says that Brandon Meriweather should be 100% by the season opener. Tomase’s notebook has Brady characterizing the injury as “entirely different” from the one that hobbled him in the Super Bowl.


Kevin Paul Dupont has the agent for Bruins prospect Carl Soderberg and the club far apart in contract talks with camp set to begin in a month.

Mark Blaudschun has a look at BC defensive tackle B.J. Raji, who sat out last year getting his studies in order. The year off has actually boosted his standing among NFL scouts. Steve Conroy has Eagles coach Jeff Jagodzinski not too concerned about his struggling offense as the season opener approaches.

John Powers says that China will likely end the Olympics with the most Gold medals, and will look to sustain that dominance. Bob Ryan has a look at Tom McCarthy, a Boston area native who has been on the ground floor of every major development in basketball, baseball, and tennis in China. 



10 thoughts on “Lester’s The Stopper Once Again

  1. I attended the last game of the 1993 season when the Patriots beat the Dolphins in overtime. Instead of an immediate mass exodus from (then) Foxboro Stadium, I remember how all the fans stood in that stadium for a good 10-15 minutes after the game, thinking it might be the final NFL game ever played in New England. It was probably the second most surreal moment in Foxboro history, only topped by Vinatieri’s snow kicks nearly a decade later.

    Robert Kraft might have saved the Patriots from moving to St. Louis, but it was James Busch Orthwein who had something for Kraft to save. As a lifelong Pats fan I won’t soon forget Orthwein’s part in transforming a disrespected football franchise into one of the top teams in all of professional sports. RIP JBO.


  2. Carl Soderberg has a contract, it’s just that he’s chosen to stay in Sweden to play this season. At least that’s his decision for now, because he said he would be coming to camp a few months ago.


    1. But the topics are caller driven, so say the hosts. I’m sure they’re only talking about Manny because someone called in and mentioned his name.

      Perhaps the caller was speaking of Delcarmen and the bullpen? 🙂


  3. …It’s the only think Adams (sort of) knows anything about…think of it, have you ever heard Mike Adams talk about the Patriots for more than 10 seconds?…how about the Celtics?…the Bruins? (LOL)…How about OTHER teams, he seems to know some Yankees, but I bet Adams can’t name you 4 Tampa Bay Rays…..his mind is a COMPLETE BLANK other than…MANNY…YANKEES…MANNY…YANKEES…MANNY.. YANKEES….face it, he’s not a very knowledgeable guys..


    1. Adams is extremely knowledgeable on baseball AOB, just that it’s mostly about stuff from the 1960’s through the early 90’s. That’s when his mind must’ve gone blank. Once he became a TV host he didn’t need to know anything else.

      Besides, he’ll blame all the Manny talk on the callers who keep bringing up the subject, or whether he’ll find a new Sox player to hate.


  4. Mike Adams’ obsession with Manny is twisted. But what’s the excuse of the rest of the people on WEEI? And the callers? Where do they find some of these idiots?


  5. Does anyone else find Adams unlistenable after a few minutes? I really would love some good sports talk at night but i am not getting it with HIM!


    1. I’d rather listen to the Schmooze discuss the Metropolitans, Knickerbockers, and Icelanders on the FAN than Mikey. I’m just saying he’s not alone with his Manny obsession. The early morning Golf Twins are just as bad…


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