The ever-expanding empire of WEEI is on the move again, this time to Maine. From the Portland Press Herald:

The owners of WJJB, a Portland sports talk radio station known as the Big Jab, will begin simulcasting Boston sports talk station WEEI in southern Maine on Sept. 1.

WJJB’s owner, Atlantic Coast Radio, has finalized a contract to simulcast WEEI through 2013, said Jon Van Hoogenstyn, general manager of WJJB. Jim Rushton, vice president of sales for Entercom New England, confirmed that the contract had been finalized. Entercom owns WEEI.

Rushton said the announcement of the contract is very different than the announcement made last summer, when Nassau Broadcasting declared its intent to simulcast WEEI in Portland.

At that time, Entercom and Nassau had signed a letter of intent, said Rushton, but the contract was not finalized and the simulcasting never happened. But Entercom and WJJB have a signed contract.

WEEI will be heard in southern Maine at two dial positions, said Van Hoogenstyn. One is 95.5 FM, currently the FM home of WJJB. The other is 95.9 FM, currently a hip hop station owned by Atlantic Coast Radio, WRED. Van Hoogenstyn said the hip hop station will go off the air.

Mad Dog To SIRIUS XM Radio

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, the former star of the Mike and the Mad Dog show on WFAN in New York has signed a five year deal with SIRIUS XM radio to headline his own branded sports talk channel.

SIRIUS channel 123 and XM channel 144 will relaunch as Mad Dog Radio. Russo will host the channel’s anchor program, “The Mad Dog Sports Show,” live from SIRIUS’ New York studios every weekday afternoon from 2:00 to 7:00pm ET. The exclusive show will begin airing daily on SIRIUS channel 123 and XM channel 144 on Monday, September 15.

NFL Network to Give Sharpe a Shot

If you loved Shannon Sterling Sharpe’s insightful commentary during Sunday night’s Patriots/Bucs preseason game, you’re going to love his expanded role during this Sunday’s Bills/Colts game on NFLN, as Sharpe will step into the play-by-play role. He will be joined in the booth by the equally brilliant Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders, who will be counted on to bring some sanity to the booth.

Fouts Returns to CBS

Dan Fouts, NFL Hall of Famer and former All-Pro quarterback with the San Diego Chargers, will be returning to CBS Sports as an analyst for THE NFL ON CBS. The announcement was made today by Sean McManus, President, CBS News and Sports.

Fouts will call selected games throughout the 2008 NFL ON CBS schedule, as well as selected games for CBS Sports’ SEC ON CBS broadcasts and CBS College Sports Network’s college football coverage.

Fouts returns to the network he called home from 1988 to 1993. From 1997 to 2008 he was at ABC working on College football broadcasts and spending two years on Monday Night Football.


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Quick Hits

  1. none of these bozos are calling the regular season games. I believe Bob Papa (Giants Radio) and Collinsworth are doing those games.


  2. …I watched a good portion of the Pats game the other night in COMPLETE SILENCE…Those guys were so bad I just hit the mute button and watched the game…I’m tellin’ ya, it wasn’t bad at all…..we all know the rules, they show the down and distance on the screen….what do we need anouncers for?….especially when they are as horrible as those guys.


  3. Faulk, Sharpe AND Sanders together? With Mouth Fulla Marbles doing the play-by-play? Christmas this year happens on August 24th.


  4. Highlight of last Sunday’s broadcast had to be Marshall Faulk saying that BB’s coaching was now going to be tested because it’s a lot harder to coach a team after losing a Super Bowl than winning one. Yes, Marshall, and it’s a lot harder to swallow your bitterness after losing one than winning one. But it was 7 years ago! So get over it, buddy.


    1. It seems like Mike Martz was a lot more to blame for Faulk’s SB 36 performance than Belichick was, yet I don’t recall him bashing Martz like he has BB. Which only proves to me how delusional he really is.


  5. Oh no, the Big Jab was one place to escape the morning sunshine of D&C when I travel up that way. No more Shoe and Joe. Now I can hear Meter and nonstop ads wherever I am in New England. Great.


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