With the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon kicking off today, Gerry Callahan confirms what had only been rumored about previously – his absence from the WEEI airwaves last year was in fact due to throat cancer.

Nick Cafardo has the Red Sox hitters once again enjoying themselves at the Rangers’ expense. Michael Silverman has Jon Lester giving the Red Sox a “perfectly sane start” last night. Paul Kenyon has the Red Sox continuing their destruction of the Rangers this season. Mike Anthony has Lester stabilizing things after the wild night on Tuesday. Phil O’Neill has Youk and Lester leading the way for the Sox. Garry Brown has Lester in control of this one. Eric Avidon has the Sox winning another beer-league game at Fenway. Glen Farley has three doubles from Kevin Youkilis providing the spark.

Tony Massarotti has the Red Sox once again chewing up Rangers pitching – which is something the entire league has been doing. Steven Krasner notes that Kevin Youkilis has done just find in the cleanup spot, and also hopes that Clay Buchholz can learn from Jon Lester. Barbara Matson has Lester once again taking control of the game from the mound. Massarotti says that the trade for Paul Byrd was in fact just a cash-only transaction. Maureen Mullen says that Youkilis has been the man of the moment for the Sox lately.

Bill Burt has Josh Hamilton taking things one day at a time for the Rangers. Hamilton also plans to call the troubled Jeff Allison, who has been trying to put his life back together. Steve Buckley devotes a column to a 16-year-old boy who was ejected from the Red Sox game on Tuesday night after a play was ruled fan interference.

Cafardo’s notebook has Mike Lowell headed to the DL, and Paul Byrd meeting the Boston press. Silverman’s notebook has a look at the roster shuffling done by the Sox. The ProJo notebook has more on the roster moves by the Sox. Anthony’s notebook has more on Lowell heading to the disabled list. O’Neill’s notebook has Byrd trying hard to leave his last memories of Fenway park behind. Brown’s notebook has more on Lowell. Farley’s notebook chronicles more of Byrd landing at Fenway.


Karen Guregian has Tom Brady addressing the media in a state of the union style briefing. Mark Farinella has Brady looking forward to getting back on the field. Carolyn Thornton has Brady in a great state of mind as the regular season gets closer. Rich Garven has Brady looking forward to seeing some action this weekend against the Buccaneers.

Mike Reiss wonders if John Lynch could pull a Junior Seau and find the fountain of youth in New England. Eric McHugh has the Patriots big three of Brady, Moss and Welker looking forward to a second season together. Christopher Price talks to Joe Theismann about the role of being Tom Brady’s backup. Baxter Holmes has a good look at what happens on a tipped ball. David Brown has the Patriots focusing on the finish this season.

Farley has Kenny Smith hoping to carve out a spot for himself on the Patriots defensive line. Buckley has rookie Terrence Wheatley with a big opportunity in front of him due to injuries in camp. Garven has Wesley Britt making progress towards being a contributor on the offensive line.

Buckley says that Brady is underpaid in big way, and is “practically playing for free” for the Patriots. Guregian has ex-teammate Jeff Shoate saying that Lynch would be a good fit for the Patriots. Buddy Thomas is bullish on the Cleveland Browns this season.

Reiss’ notebook has Brady talking more about how much he’s looking to get on the field Sunday. Guregian’s notebook has Vince Wilfork earning his teammates a night off yesterday. Farinella’s notebook has the players and coaches getting into regular season mode. Garven’s notebook has Mike Wright getting back onto the practice field for the Patriots. McHugh’s notebook has more on Lynch’s visit to Foxboro yesterday.


Peter Gobis has the Islanders nabbing Providence Bruins coach Scott Gordon as their new head coach.

Steve Conroy has the Boston College defense well ahead of the offense at this point in camp.

Bob Ryan examines the Chinese domination of table tennis.

Marc J. Spears has the US mens basketball team out for revenge against Greece.


17 thoughts on “Sox Offense on Track Again

  1. Regarding Brady’s salary: Buckley is a bonehead. “You can’t compare baseball and football contracts, but I will anyway.” What a tool. The day Brady wants more money, he’ll get more. Stick with your old-timer’s game.


    1. MarkB,
      DO me a favor and if you have problems with Buckley fine I do not care, but do no through the ‘old-timer’s game’ out there if you know nothing about it, which you clearly don’t.

      I usually do not respond to posts here although I read loyally but as someone who helps organize that game I invite you to visit http://www.oldtimebaseball.com and also come down next week on Thursday August 21 and support the Todd J Schwartz Memorial Fund since the 100% of the monies raised from the Abbott Financial Management Oldtime Baseball Game goes to the Todd J Schwartz Memorial Fund.

      I invite anyone to come down and see some great COLLEGE and HS baseball players wearing replica Oldtime uniforms playing a game for charity.

      So to wind this up if you are upset with Buckley about something fine, that does not bother me. He is an adult and can deal with criticism himself. However, DON’T YOU DARE throw the Oldtime Baseball Game around as an ‘old-timer’s game’ when like previously stated you have NO CLUE what you were talking about.

      So do me a favor, man up, come down next Thursday and spend some money for charity on food, raffles or auctions but do not insult something that has been going on for 15 years and has raised close to $500,000 that benefited several different charities.

      Bruce, sorry for the rant and/or shameless plug but with all the work the entire Oldtime Baseball Game Committee puts in I could not let this guy get away with a throw away comment like that!


  2. Mark B.. you are right on. The press kill guys when they think they are being too greedy, only concerned with the money. Then, when a guy is willing to take a little less, they make him out like a sucker.

    Jon.. I am glad he is recovering too. Of course he would have felt better if Manny would have come to visit him.


  3. Not to defend Manny, but I don’t remember Dennis & Callahan being involved in the Jimmy Fund Telethon last year when they wouldn’t have been paid to be there.


  4. So let me get this straight. Gerry Callahan gets stricken with cancer, rides the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for the Jimmy Fund and helps raise money again for the Jimmy Fund on his radio show (I remember last year he and Dennis wanted to do the show but were banned by management).
    Charlie Pierce and Bruce think that cancer makes for high humor, “Manny hates kids with cancer”, in their defense of the sainted Manny. The Fan Boys lap it up. I think you guys should save your paper route money and go buy some class.


    1. Yeah I’m sure that EEI would’ve taken the PR hit and denied Dennis & Callahan access to the studio last year. They could’ve volunteered as an operator among other things. Just because they weren’t being paid to do their jobs on the radio doesn’t mean they couldn’t haveb in another area. But they weren’t being paid, so they didn’t go. I don’t see how that makes them any different than the guy they’re criticizing.


    2. Clever, Fred. “Paper route money.” Problem is that it was Callahan who said essentially that with his typically mean-spirited hatchet job the minute the column subject was out of earshot. I can only assume you didn’t hear him say it because your head was, as usual, hopelessly buried up Clip’s miserable ass.


        1. Sorry, you need to get rid of that loud annoying dog . He makes it hard to deliver papers (the Herald, I’m assuming). Especially when he starts babbling about Matty Heisman and Nomar.


  5. Obviously you don’t want to see anybody stricken with cancer and I’m glad Callahan is OK….but I find it somewhat unsavory that Callahan spews his hatefull,mean spirited crap EVERYDAY and then turns into “warmhearted,loveable,nice guy Gerry” come telethon time…….I guess you could say it’s all an “act”….the question is: When is he acting?….


    1. A true sign of a great actor is that you can’t tell if they’re being genuine or if they’re faking it.

      That’s acting! GENIUS!!!

      Thank you! No, THANK YOU!!!


    2. He only turns into Warm, loving Gerry when he’s paid to. Last year he wasn’t paid to so he never showed up to the telethon as warm & loving Gerry.


    1. …does he really talk sports?…most of the D&C show is stuff like, “Manny is a BUM!”…”Belichick is not a very nice man! he should be more like Doc Rivers!”….”SEE!…Manny hasn’t gotten a HAIRCUT YET!!!”…..They very rarely talk ACTUAL Sports….They just talk about the “Soap Opera” aspects of sports…ya know, like a couple of women…(sorry to all the ladies out there, just trying to make a point)


      1. Only if the soap opera was about how golfers are forced to stay up late to watch sporting events by evil liberals, non-white baseball players, and the coach of the New England Patriots. The three of them are beyond a caricature at this point.


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