A couple of Ex-Globies lead off a brief session of afternoon links.

Gordon Edes finally is on board at Yahoo! and has a piece on Skip Carey, who passed away on August 3rd.

Ron Borges talks to Andre Tippett about his long road to the Hall of Fame.

Those are just two of those who have left the Boston Globe (for various reasons) in the last few years. You could create a “Where are they now” list just of Ex Boston Globe employees:

  • Gordon Edes: Yahoo! Sports
  • Ron Borges: Pro Football Weekly
  • Jackie MacMullan: ESPN
  • Michael Smith: ESPN
  • Peter May: Seen on Yahoo!
  • Chris Snow: Minnesota Wild front office

I’m sure I’m missing someone. For other locals, you can add Tom Curran, now with NBCSports.com and Albert Breer with The Sporting News.

Dave Doyle is actually another ex-Globe writer, he’s now covering UFC for Yahoo!

From someone still at the Globe, Mike Reiss has this week’s edition of the Ask Reiss Mailbag.

A mystery Boston sportswriter is doing some Olympic blogging from home.

Another reason for Gerry Callahan to hate Bill Belichick and the Patriots – John Czarnecki says that Belichick oversees the most liberal team in the NFL. 


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  1. Well, that and the fact that Belichick’s forehead isn’t visible from space and he can go five minutes without referencing golf.


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