Nick Cafardo has the Red Sox regaining their confidence with a weekend sweep of the A’s. Joe Haggerty has the Sox able to salvage the homestand with the sweep of Oakland. Jeff Horrigan says that energy returned to the Red Sox this weekend and it showed on the field. Jeff Goldberg has Dice-K’s pitching and Jed Lowrie’s timely hitting adding up to a win for the Sox. Glen Farley has the Sox moving past the Manny madness of last week. Garry Brown has sweeps season continuing for the Red Sox. Jennifer Toland has the Sox busting out the brooms on the A’s this weekend.

Michael Vega has Jed Lowrie enjoying his time at shortstop and working to develop a routine to keep him hot at the plate. Steve Buckley has Lowrie plugging the hole at shortstop for the Sox, but showing that he could be much more than just a stopgap replacement. Joe McDonald asserts that these last three games have been crucial for the Sox. Mike Fine has the Sox new kids feeling pretty good about themselves as they head out on the road.

Steven Krasner says that we have to accept that Daisuke Matsuzaka is a six-inning pitcher and nothing more. Alex Speier says that with the Manny situation resolved, it’s time to examine the pitching staff. Buckley has Jason Bay keeping the Fenway fans cheering, but also looking forward to going out on the road with his new club. Horrigan previews the Futures Games coming to Fenway on Saturday. Kevin Cullen has a column today about the Dodgers and their new habit of collecting Red Sox castoffs.

Over at Cursed to First, Beth has put together what might be the ultimate look back at the Manny Ramirez era in Boston.

Cafardo’s notebook has Daisuke Matsuzaka improving to 12-2 on the season despite once again not being able to reach the seventh inning. Horrigan’s notebook says that this was the latest in a series of strong outings for Dice-K. McDonald’s notebook has Kevin Youkilis’ hitting streak reaching 10 games. Goldberg’s notebook has Youkilis opening up the second half of the season on a roll. Brown’s notebook says that Bay could be hitting cleanup tonight in Kansas City. Toland’s notebook has Lowrie showing that he belongs in the lineup.


Scott Benson has a pet theory on why Brett Favre is acting the way he is.

Christopher L. Gasper examines the candidates vying to become Tom Brady’s top backup. Rich Thompson has rookie Kevin O’Connell among those battling for the spot. Eric McHugh has the trio of backup QB’s all looking forward to getting their shot on the field this preseason.

John Tomase has rookie linebacker Jerod Mayo appearing to be well on his way to grasping the Patriots defense. Mark Farinella talks to James Sanders about the team loading up at safety. Bud Barth has Wes Welker looking at a lot to live up to in his second season with the Patriots.

Matt Collette has former Patriot Tebucky Jones getting arrested after an altercation at Mohegan Sun.

Gasper’s notebook has David Thomas again showing flashes of his talent in his return to practice. Tomase’s notebook has more on Thomas, who looks to silence the doubters. Farinella’s notebook has the Patriots practicing inside Gillette for the first time tonight. McHugh’s notebook has Wes Welker showing a little bit of rust in his first few practices this weekend. Barth’s notebook has the PUP listing shrinking for the Pats.


David Scott has a weekend recap, and a look at 890 ESPN settling on their new local lineup.

Lenny Megliola has a thoughts column.

Steve Conroy has five questions and challenges for the Boston College football team as they start camp today. 


5 thoughts on “Back To Their Winning Ways

    1. It’s true, it’s a very well written column. Dead on about Pierce without being condescending.

      However, Lou Merloni doing NESN’s best-ever Sox analysis? Um, Megs, Dennis Eckersley would like – and has earned – a word or two about that.


  1. I thought his, “Yankees are the BEST team in baseball” comment was a little over the top…….and it has nothing to do with me being a “Red Sox Homer” I’m a football guy and really don’t care that much about the Sox one way or the other…..I just still don’t like the Yankees pitching staff over the long haul


    1. Maybe Lenny was limiting his opinion to teams east of the Mississippi because I don’t know how in the world he could call any team other than the Angels the best in the league right now. That might change but at present the Halos considerably more depth than any other AL challenger.


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