We’ve got a summertime post from Kevin Henkin over on the BSMW Full Court Press. He has a look at Paul Pierce making the news this week, and whether its an issue that the Celtics captain was out at 3am in Las Vegas.

The Red Sox new-look offense stumbled in Kansas City last night, as they were unable to get things going against Gil Meche, and fell to the Royals 4-3. To top things off, David Ortiz once again felt a click in his wrist. Check all the coverage over at RedSoxLinks.com.

The Patriots practiced inside Gillette Stadium last night in front of the season ticket holders. Preparation is underway for Thursday night’s preseason opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Get all the stories from PatriotsLinks.com.

Pink Hat Hell reviews the season two premiere of Sox Appeal.

Mike Reiss has the latest installment of his Ask Reiss mailbag.

Chad Finn offers some final, scattered thoughts on Manny Ramirez.


One thought on “Sox Stall in K.C.

  1. If you’re in Vegas and you’re NOT out at 3am, then you’re probably wasting your money.

    Now, *driving* at 3am in Vegas …? Not so much.


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