Hazel MaeFirst Tina Cervasio and now Hazel Mae?

Say it ain’t so!

NESN announced today that Mae, host of SportsDesk, will leave the network at the end of the month.

In a statement released today, Mae said that it was simply time to move on. “After four incredible and exciting years at NESN, I’ve decided now was the right time for me to make this difficult decision to leave,” she said, adding that it was a “personal and professional privilege” to work at the station, and to be able to cover two World Series and a Super Bowl during her time here.

No future plans for Mae were mentioned in the release.

Mae joined NESN in August, 2004, and quickly became one of the more noteworthy sports media figures in town.


28 thoughts on “Hazel Mae Out At NESN

  1. MSG w/tina? or some national spot? wonder where she’ll go

    i guess it may be time for me to post her high school yearbook picture…


  2. This was predictable … as soon as K-Tap came on the scene Hazel was toast … Gentlemen (and Sean McGrail) prefer blondes … Hazel simply couldn’t compete with K-Tap or Heidi, both of whom are scorching hot, tall and shapely.

    Still, I’m surprised she got canned at mid-season.


  3. I’ll admit I haven’t watched her that much, but what’s the problem wih Hazel Mae? She seems to be articulate and fairly knowledgeable.


    1. Some say she looks like a foot. She definately had some work done once here in Boston.



  4. if they hire another tall blonde modelesque type….you know THE real reason why her contract was not re-newed!
    I wonder what she would have looked like as a Blonde?


  5. EmmSee,

    Those pictures of Hazel in the red top w/ black skirt and boots are great. Can you get them bigger?


  6. Stupid,Stupid,Stupid….what the heck is wrong with these clowns at NESN…..Pony up the boatloads of cash your raking in and pay these people……get a grip…..


  7. The Inside Track sows said she used to date Ricky Davis. Guess she’s not too picky.

    A girl you bring home to mom and think about marrying? DISAPPROVE

    A girl to have as a F-Buddy? APPROVE


  8. Whenever I see a Hazel Mae or Tina Cervasio departing NESN, I am reminded that the station is part owned by the Jacobs family, the most loathesome men in sports.

    Anybody who would wilfully put money in their pockets, whether through the purchase of hockey tickets or concessions at the Garden, are sucker’s suckers.

    Good luck, Hazel, and thanks for the great, great work. Your next stop…wherever it might be…will be a far more professional place to work than your last.



    1. Mitch-
      The Red Sox own 80% of NESN which Sox owner Tom Werner
      oversees. The Bruins own 20%.
      The Boston Bruins have no say who stays/goes on NESN only on who do their broadcasts and team programming.
      The decision for not paying Hazel Mae ultimately is the Red Sox.

      Makes you wonder what kind of money she was asking for.
      There’s no way she gets Jerry Remy/Don Orsillo money.

      She’ll turn up on either ESPN or Fox.


      1. Pardon me, but what evidence is there of even the slighest degree of penny pinching by Werner, Lucchino and Henry with either the Red Sox or Fenway Park, two entities that they own free and clear of the Jacobs clan?

        Bottom line: If Jacobs has his money invested in anything, it is going to be run as a bottom-line operation with little-to-no regard for quality or customer (fan) satisfaction.

        Take it to the bank.


        1. Mitch- HUH?
          No penny pinching at Fenway? Youre kidding right?
          There’s more advertising signage than ever at Fenway Park. The next empty space left are the bases and player uniforms!
          They’re slapping sponsor ads on anything in Fenway. Its ridiculous their greed!
          The Red Sox wanted to penny pinch on the roster.
          They own the team Mitch right? They got tired of paying the hefty luxury tax so they told Theo cut payroll. He did.
          Werner-Henry-Lucchino bought the Red Sox only because NESN majority control came with it.
          They control NESN hiring,budget,content,ad rates.

          Do you think Jacobs tells the Red Sox who they should hire for Red Sox broadcasts? What shows they should put on air? Yeah right.

          Think the Sox asked Jacobs if they could spend big money to sign their TV announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo to lucrative longterm deals?

          Remy/Orsillo are NESNs only yearly millionaire announcers.
          Drastic drop off after that Mitch.
          They’re all very low 6 figure announcers at best.

          The only thing Jeremy Jacobs gets from his 20% stake is…Final say on on air talent for Bruins programming and checks.

          Another thing- what if Jacobs sold his NESN stock and leased Bruins broadcast rights to Comcast TV
          home of the Celtics?


        2. Shame on the Red Sox for generating revenues in order to compete with the Yankees. There was more signage on the Monster in the 40’s than there is today.

          Shame on them for dedicating the majority of the NESN broadcast budget to announcers that appear on air for 150 dates per year. Shame on the Red Sox for moving from 2nd to 3rd in MLB payroll because they are incorporating young talent into their roster.

          Goodness, what would NESN do without hockey?

          Answer: Run Red Sox Classics and substantially top the hockey ratings with little-to-no overhead.


  9. Never once turned on a program hoping to see her but I did go grab a drink whenever she came on. No loss – but seeing she also went out with Steve Levy makes me laugh very hard. Fame certainly hasn’t helped him with women.


  10. Addition by subtraction. What took them so long? First Lobel, now her. The sports broadcasting scene around Boston is looking up. I am SO glad I won’t have to hear her utter the words “bathroom break” for halftime, or “big enchilada” for home run anymore. Kathryn Tappen is head and shoulders above her in height, intellect and looks.


  11. NESN finally did something right. I have said before that she was hired only because she was nice to look at, but was terrible at what she did.

    Instead of waiting a whole month, NESN should act immediately and put Jayme Parker back at the job which she never should have had taken away from her. She was terrific, professional, and did just fine when she was there.

    Mae was totally unwatchable, both on SportsDesk and ESPECIALLY on live spots (both rolling rallies, her work there was absolutely deplorable). With her thankfully gone, now I can go back to watching SportsDesk.


  12. I liked Hazel but let’s face it, she basicly just reads the teleprompter….dime a dozen, by mid-August she’ll be completely forgotten….NEXT!


  13. Please Kathryn Tappen is HORRIBLE!
    Tappen has no personality,very stiff delivery,awful at ad libbing and no sense of humor on air.
    The hockey analysts would toss jokes Tappens way and she’d freeze up as jokes went over her head.
    As a Bruins hostess Tappen knows nothing about hockey.
    Yet she’s marrying AHL journey man hockey player Jay Leach. One would figure dating a hockey player, Tappen would pick up on hockey terminology and hockey humor.
    Tappen’s makeup was awful. She looked like an orange golf ball on a white tee. (Kathryn-add makeup to your neck on camera.
    Tappen just puts on her dopey grin-throws her hair in her face and delivers her lines like a ventriloquists puppet.
    Oh yeah Kathryn? Eat something. You look anorexic.
    Seriously. You look like Olive Oyle.


    1. You’re an idiot….Tappen is the best in Boston. Would you rather have have Tom Larson instead?


      1. YES, YES YES! I would rather have Tom Larson, minus the plaid suit. Plus, I hope he hasn’t kept with his promise not to shave until the Bruins won another cup. Anyway, I’ll take hockey knowledge and humor over a cute face.


  14. Two words: good riddance. She couldn’t even read a teleprompter without stumbling, she couldn’t conduct an interesting live interview if her life depended on it, and she threw out every cliche in the book whenever she could which made it painfully obvious that she obviously had no idea what she was talking about.

    She is very obviously in it to get close to the athletes. Get her outta here.

    The only sad thing is that she’s not leaving until the end of the month.


    1. I agree 1000% She was completely overrated. Typical Boston douchbags, Massholes overrate everybody chick becasue Boston the ugliest “big city” in America.


  15. GOOD RIDDANCE HAZEL MAE! As soon as I saw Heidi Whatley,
    I was in love! She’s smart and lovely and looks oh so much better in person. Even though she’s an LA babe, she does it for me.


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