Strange doings over Butch Stearns’ blog on the FOX25 webpage.

Tuesday night, Stearns posted the following:

FOX25 has learned that the Patriots are close to a deal with Ty Law that would bring the 38 year old cornerback back to Foxboro.

I saw the posting myself, as it generated some buzz across messageboards, including Pro Football Talk. Law of course, is not 38, but 34. A commenter on Wednesday morning responded with the following:

Apr 23, 2008 | 9:10 AM

38 year old cornerback
Born: 2/10/1974

So this is a futures contract not to take effect until 2012?

Who looks better with an abacus than me?

Instead of admitting his error, the blog entry was corrected to read 34 and Stearns left the following response in the comments thread:

Apr 24, 2008 | 9:26 PM

get a life will you….. never said 38?…why would I say Ty is 38?….rarely do football players play close to 40 years old?…
Anyway, I love this move if it happens. You just know Ty will find the fountain of youth for at least one year or maybe two in Foxboro.
Hopefully this gets done before the draft.

Did a 5-year-old write that response? What’s with the question marks? And “get a life will you” – what the heck? We know it was Butch who left the comment, because it was his particular FOX25 username (complete with avatar photo) that made the response. This isn’t a case of someone using Stearns name to make him look bad.

Just Butchie being Butchie, I guess.

Note: The cached page at Google still shows the post with the 38-year-old.


26 thoughts on “Butch Bumbles Blog Exchange

  1. He might be the WORST sports reporter / Big Show Idiot in the USA…with apologies to Bob Halloran. Butch just tries TOO hard to be glib and funny…oh yeah and he has the accuracy of Bob Lobel…

    How does he know about Law finding the fountain of youth – I assume that happens after Ty loses about 25 lbs…Butch is pitiful.


  2. Me hate computer box…make butch look stupid? Butch show you!?! Butch throw laptop in pool? Your thought.


  3. On the surface Butch looks like a complete fool, but is he really? Obviously the blog entry was changed from 38 to 34, but Butch’s comment is “never said 38?”. Sure Butch has been known to lie around airports, but is he a liar? I’m not so sure about that. He probably has to talk out his thoughts as he types, so he might very well have said “34” but then typed “38”. After all, the prolonged inhalation of carpet fumes can be DANGEROUS.

    Your thoughts?


  4. Arod’s contract will be up sometime in 2018 do you think the sox should try to sign him? On the ONE HAND he would be old and might not be useful and could only dh but on the OTHER hand he might not have ONE A RING with the yankees by then and if not he could come to the sox and play third base. Mike lowell WILL NOT be around forever. IF it guarantees them a world series in 2019 then they have to think about it. It would also finally bring closure to the 2003/2004 offseason.


  5. Butchie has journalistic ethics and basic intelligence?

    I’m not so sure about that. Your thoughts?


  6. What I find funny about Butchie’s post is the “I like this move it if happens” line.

    Um…Butch, didn’t you (and ONLY you) just report two days ago that this IS happening (or is close to happening anyway)?

    He’s such a joke.


  7. Keep on blogging Butch.
    With Lobel’s on his way out and we somebody to step up and take it to the next level.

    You’re the worst!


    1. Edit:
      Keep on blogging Butch.
      With Lobel on his way out we need somebody to step up and take it to the next level.

      You’re the worst!


  8. What did Boston do to get this collection of idiot sports broadcasters? I wouldn’t give sharp knives to Butchie, Bobo Halloran, or Steve Burton. Brick Tamland is a MENSA member compared to those three.


  9. Please please please let Butch Stearns be a guest on the big show today so we can bombard him calls about this nonsense. he is a powertool.


  10. Talk about not having any class. That is awful. It is easy to admit a mistake. Not the end of the world if you do so.

    Wonder if he made up the whole Ty Law story too! Wouldn’t put it past him.


  11. Butchie is one drunken “Do you know who I am?” from being a John Deere salesman in Aroostook County.


  12. Butch Stearns is a media whore/hack…the biggest one out there. He is to be despised with relish. Last year, the haughty Stearns knowingly blogged that he ‘knew’ the new team that NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. was going to. Further, it was going to happen ‘soon.’ Well, the idiot not only got the destination wrong, he was MONTHS off.

    There’s a bridge abutment out there with his name on it, next time he’s out driving.


  13. RAMONE!!!!!!!!!

    Butch’s ravings on EEI about how the Pats should trade a first round pick for a position they don’t need (Chad Johnson, WR) proves yet again that this bozo is the #1 IDIOT IN ALL OF BOSTON MEDIA!


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