Steve BurtonLast Friday we rated outgoing WBZ-TV sports director Bob Lobel. Today we’re rating his successor, Steve Burton.

Burton has been at WBZ since 1994, serving as sports reporter and anchor on both WBZ and TV38. He has been a fixture on the Patriots pregame shows, as well as on Patriots Fifth Quarter, where he is usually stationed inside the press conference room at Gillette getting reaction to the game.

Prior to joining WBZ, Burton worked for NESN between 1988 and 1994, hosting pre and post game shows for the Red Sox broadcasts. He has been a regular on WEEI’s Big Show recently as well.

Burton was raised in Framingham, and attended Northwestern University, where he was on the football team. He is the son of former Patriots player Ron Burton, and his brother Phil Burton works as a sports reporter/anchor for CN8. His brother Ron Jr works in the community relations department for the Red Sox, and brother Paul Burton works for WBZ as a general assignment reporter.



61 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Steve Burton

  1. He’s too dumb to know how to turn off his cellphone. He ruined an interview with Deion Branch with the phone going off, it constantly rings when he’s on ‘EEI, and even when he’s on TV! The guy is a total moron.


  2. TV guys should not be on radio and only Butch Stearns is a more prime example than this guy. His ridiculous laugh is the only redeeming quality he has…cuz lord knows he doesn’t have any sports knowledge.


  3. Wow! look at all these losers sting negative comments. th guy ha a reat sports journalist character that’s what it takes, his opinion does not make him dumb because u don’t agree with it, so go back to your jobs that you all dislike maiking a quarter of what steve makes


  4. Yet another instance of idiocy from the mouth of Burton in his Pats game package intro: “If you told me the Patriots would win this game and Moss only gets two catches, I would’ve said you were crazy.”

    Perhaps you’re the crazy one, Stevo. Today’s Pats win played out pretty much the way I thought, with a conservative offensive game plan and mistake-free football. Are most Pats fans really shocked that they beat the Jets the way they did? It’s lazy, thoughtless writing on Burton’s part, you can just add it to his long list of vices.


  5. Steve,
    Tonight you said: Joe gave myself……
    You mean: Joe gave ME…….!!!

    I'm the only one who can give myself anything! But, other people can give just ME something.

    Please, lose the 'self'……not needed…..Ever!!! Also, it's: including ME, or including YOU……Again…..NO self……Ever!!!
    It's just about YOU and ME! No 'self' needed……Ever!!!
    If ever you need to use a 'self' on the end of a pronoun, you will Know it!!
    Basically, just leave any 'self' out you may be inclined to stick on a word.
    Better to lead a 'self' less life!
    You'll speak better!!


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