Just a few quick links this morning…

David Scott reports on Peter May being the latest Boston Globe writer headed out the door at Morrissey Boulevard, and examines the state of things over there. Scott will also be live-blogging Derek Kellogg’s introductory press conference from Amherst in the afternoon.

Dan Snapp on Patriots Daily looks at the Patriots’ quest to land ‘value’ with the number 7 pick in the draft. Check the rest of the Patriots draft stories and news on the signing of TE Marcus Pollard on PatriotsLinks.com.

The Red Sox had yet another comeback last night, erasing a 5-1 deficit at the hands of the Angels to post a 6-5 victory. view the coverage at RedSoxLinks.com.

The Celtics are getting ready for game two of their first round series with the Atlanta Hawks tonight at the Garden. Get the scoop on Mike Bibby mouthing off at Boston fans,and KG being named defensive player of the year on CelticsLinks.com.

Check out Chad Finn’s new home on Boston.com. Congrats, Chad!


2 thoughts on “May Days Over at Globe

  1. It’s another great day in Boston! The folks at CelticsBlog must be OVERJOYED.

    May was by far the least entertaining and imaginative of the “big name” columnists at the Globe. At least the fact-checkers will see their workload reduced.

    I honestly can’t remember one piece where his writing affected me. At least with Borges and Jackie Mac, there was passion from time to time. Sad to say, even Shank can bring it when the spirit moves him.

    The looming long-term question for me is “is it worth it”? Why am I continuing to walk down the driveway every morning? In 2050, will my grandchildren tease me when I respond “I just like to see the ink on my fingers”?

    Someone look into the crystal ball and guide me……..


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