Kevin Paul DupontWhere’s he been the last two days?

(Edit: Fluto Shinzawa reports that Dupont is dealing with a family illness. We’d certainly like to send best wishes to he and his family.) 

His absence in the paper yesterday and today around the Bruins/Canadiens game 7 seems a bit curious was missed, given his credentials and history as the top hockey writer at the Boston Globe.

Dupont started his writing career with the Boston Herald-American back in 1975 1977. He covered the Red Sox to start out with, and did more Bruins coverage as time went by. In 1983 he joined The New York Times and stayed there for a couple of years before coming on board with the Globe in 1985.

He was honored by the Hockey Hall of Fame as a recipient of the 2002 Elmer Ferguson & Foster Hewitt Award. He has also covered 10 Olympic games for the Globe during his career at the paper.

He makes frequent appearances on NESN and has written for ESPN and MSNBC in his career as well.



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  1. Sure, he’ll try to further his name with controversial stories (Thornton captaincy, Harry Sinden’s comments), usually during the playoffs, but the guy knows the league, has solid contacts, doesn’t cop an attitude and will return emails from the general public.

    It would be a blow to hockey coverage in Boston if he took the buyout or the like.


  2. Does his job better than anyone on any Boston sports beat. Good writer, plays it down the middle with a minimum of evident agenda.

    To his credit, he stays away from the growing number of kooks and fools who inhabit the Boston sports scene.

  3. Approve of him. He’s smarter than me so I can’t intimidate him with my knowledge of hockey.

  4. His hockey notes column is meatier and more readable than Nick’s baseball notes. Does a nice job guesting on New England Hockey Journal. OTOH, his crusades like the 2004 Thornton shank job (pun intended) smack of “look-at-me-ism.” So, a razor thin disapprove from me.

  5. Approve. Pretty much knows his stuff and is accessible. Not a big fan of his axe-grinding (see Thornton, Joe) or his Bermanesque nicknames.

    Weren’t there rumors he was taking the package?

  6. Unbelievably great writing style. Tremendous guy. I think he has long been the most underrated writer at the Boston Globe. With Jackie Mac and now Edes leaving, I think the Globe should give him more of a high profile role.

  7. Back when Kevin Dupont covered the B’s for the Herald, he did a solid job on game stories. This guy, Kevin PAUL Dupoint, is a pompous windbag of the highest order. Clearly drank the kool-aid upon arriving at the Globe. Thinks he is above it all sitting in judgement. Schtick is to create nicknames that don’t catch on, then uses them incessantly as if the world knows them (see the “Bonanza Line” of Oates, Juneau and Kvartalnov)

  8. I have to go out of town next week. I will have limited internet access. If you spring the Craig Mustard poll during this period, there’ll be trouble. I mean it!!

  9. do you really trust his opinions on any sport other than hockey? on globe 10.0 you can tell he’s outside his comfort zone talking MLB, NFL, NBA and not the NHL.

  10. Has what was for years a thankless job.

    Managed to stay interesting even when the team wasn’t.

    Isn’t afraid the internets or the fanboys that post on hf.

  11. Backstabbed Sinden last week in a transparent attempt to settle and old score ….For years was plagued by the lazy B’s PR staff of Nate Greenberg and Heidi Holland … Always effeminate, he has a life-long man crush on Ray Bourque …Embarrassed himself and lost credibility with a pathetic Bourque/Orr comparison in 2004 … Realizes Bruins hockey is dead — no more big Bad Bruins, no more Boston Garden. Now it’s just a pack of 20-year old no-name robots 30 years his junior … still, Dupes manages to give a decent effort (but you can tell he’s bored stiff) … Took a hissy when Thornton did not talk with him and demanded his “C” be removed a few years back … At his best when he reverts to arcain 70s references … peaked in the 80s and settled into a better-than-average writer for 20 years … Needs to take a buyout before he starts “Shanking” it.

  12. Seems to be getting the same treatment as Peter May… that being high approval ratings despite working in the shadows for the past 15 years shanking the home town team he covers.

  13. I gave him a ‘thumbs up.’ He knows his hockey, and I appreciate the candor with which he skewers the Bruins. That is an organization that deserves to be skewered, ever since the Jacobs’ cabal took the reins. Kevin’s absence does make you wonder about the financial situation at The Globe and whether he took (or will take) a buyout.

    I give Kevin thumbs up also for not being a media hack/whore. You know…the fools who bounce between TV/radio/newspaper and decide that the sports world is their oyster (see: Butch Stearns et al) as long as there’s money to ‘build an addition to a home.’

    1. again Globe writers are not allowed on can you really credit Dupont for not going on the air?

  14. I hate his smug,superior attitude. a “grey poupon” type as evidenced by him using his middle name…”don’t you know who I am?….”I’m Kevin Paul Dupont!”..and has Bruce mentioned, NO COLUMNS from him the last 2 days even though he’s the head hockey writer…DISAPPOVE!……KEVIN PAUL!…go to your room!

  15. Does the Globe dental plan not include teeth cleaning? Spring for the Brite Smile you cheap prick!

  16. Bruce: He started at the Herald-American in 1977, not ’75.

    Bleak: He introduces himself as just plain ol’ Kevin Dupont, not Kevin Paul Dupont.

    He’s an excellent human being and one of the region’s best writers.

  17. as far as him not writing a column the last few days,I
    didn’t know he was dealing with an illness in the family……best wishes….

  18. We’re not voting on the guy based on him being a good human being. In terms of his writing, he overdoes it with his cute, over-the-top writing style so often that it becomes a distraction from his main point. And someone tell him to just quit with the stupid nicknames that he so desperately wants to catch on. Too devoted to clever turns of phrases for a hockey crowd that likes it straight.


  19. Makes himself the subject of his columns with his inane weekly suggestions for rule changes? Check.

    Stirs up faux controversy in a deliberate attempt to sink the ship (the Joe Thornton as captain mess in 2004)? Check.

    Blows Tim Thomas a big wet kiss in the paper just for talking to the press? Check.

    This guy is Dan Shaughnessy with three names. Thumbs down.

  20. Compared to many others in the Boston sports media universe, he’s great. But that’s damned with faint praise. He still makes his agemda front and center. He still chooses sides. He still defends his friends and attacks his enemies via his writing.

    Disapprove, and if only because I think he could be great if he’d just stop letting his personal grudges dictate his writing.

  21. In the circles of loyal Bruins fans who haunt the upper galleries of The Garden, Dupont is known merely as “Stupont”

    He used to be a quality journalist, but sadly has gone down the way of the dark side into Shaughnessy-ville. His columns have become lazy and self-absorbed, and his personal agenda against Thornton is bordering on unhealthy obsession. It’s been two and a half years since the Thornton trade, yet Stupont STILL feels like he needs to make some snide comment about it.

    A typical Sunday notes column:

    Current weekly topic, replete with poorly constructed metaphor.
    Paul Kelly of the NHLPA’s Talking Points
    Mention of Old Bruin
    Chance to remind people of his old nicknames like Andrei the “Empty Tank” Kovalenko, or Landon of The Lost Wilson.
    Shot at Thornton
    Far-fetched rule change proposal to “improve the game”
    Self-congratulatory paragraph about his proposal, complete with unnamed source GM.

    While I wish the man no ill, I pray for the day when Fluto can return balance to the hockey pages.

  22. anyone who thinks first ballot HOF joe thornton isn’t any good doesn’t know dinky doo about hockey. disapprove

  23. The most frustrating thing I find about Jack is that he gets excited when *any* goal is scored. If I’m just listening to the game, I here a goal call, and he’s so exuberant I think the B’s must have just scored. Then I look up and find Montreal has just scored yet another goal. Too over the top.

  24. Same clown who said Joe Thornton should be relieved of his captaincy despite having broken ribs. Totally disaprove

  25. Two things…..


    I think KPD is a great hockey writer. The guy provides his honest opinion and knows his stuff.


    The “family illness” is apparently a member of his family who was seriously injured by a bomb blast while serving with the US Miliraty in the Middle East.


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