In lieu of the morning links today, I thought I’d offer some thoughts on the “Approval Ratings” that have been running here for the last week, and will continue.

The polls have generated quite a bit of attention and involvement, from readers voting, and also leaving comments on the post. Comments are a relatively new feature here at BSMW, and I’m trying to be cautious with this new process. I haven’t put too many restrictions on there, but there are some…you need to get a comment approved manually before you can post comments without being moderated. So if you’re posting under a million different names, you’re going to see a delay in your comments. Second, I have the final word with comments – if I think it’s inappropriate, it’s not going up there. Simple as that. Based on some of the comments that have made it through…you can see I’m not exactly exercising a heavy hand in this regard.

I do want to make sure its known that just as WEEI’s Big Show says on the whiner line intro…these commenter’s don’t speak for me. I don’t agree with many of the opinions put forth.

Yesterday’s poll on Mike Adams has generated a ton of comments, and they keep coming. Some are pretty nasty. I don’t think that’s necessary.

Keep in mind that everytime you comment your computer IP address is recorded. (So yeah, I saw the comments that came from Entercom.) It’s a pretty easy thing to ban your address, which has already happened to several people.

Getting past the comments, the approval ratings have been fascinating, and I think very fair. We’re getting close to a 1000 votes every day, sometimes more. People can only vote once. For almost all the people profiled thus far, the results have come out with the person winning approval, sometimes overwhelmingly so. So much for the “This site hates all media” mantra that gets trotted out. I think we’ll find as we go through the process that the majority of sports media members are not disapproved.

A few quick links this morning:

David Scott reports that another former beauty queen appears headed to Boston in a sports reporter role, as NESN is set to hire former Miss San Diego Heidi Watney to replace Tina Cervasio on the network.

Alex Speier has part three of the New Hampshire Union Leader series on the Red Sox player development system.

Mark Farinella wonders if the lack of a national TV game on opening weekend means that the dynasty is dead for the Patriots.

Here’s the recap and video of the Bill James appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday night.

On another note, I’m heading out West later today to join the BSMW Travel club trip to Oakland and will be at tomorrow’s Red Sox/A’s game. I’ll be gone until next Wednesday. Until then, the steady stable of BSMW Guest bloggers will be taking over and providing you the daily links. Approval Ratings will still run, and Ken Fang will be by on Friday with his usual mega-media links.

While I’m gone, new comments that need moderating may take a little longer to appear…


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