WEEI's Mike AdamsToday we vote on WEEI evening host Mike Adams.

Adams has had a long and colorful career in both radio and television since the 1970’s in the New England and New York areas. in the 1990’s he was best known for his NECN show Mike Adams’ Sport World. He was also working part-time at WEEI during that span. After the NECN show was canceled, Adams bounced around a little bit, including a job in New York, and a forgettable stint as morning drive host at sports radio WWZN in Boston. Interestingly, this part of Adams career is left off of his WEEI Bio.

Adams seems to have at last found the perfect fit and time slot for his unique talents on the evening Planet Mikey show on WEEI.



63 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Mike Adams

  1. R U GUYS DRUNK!!! Mikey has the best show on WEEI!! he is the Man!!! he has so many good points and he is funny! nuff said


  2. Mikey (and Dale & Holley) are great! They have to be to make up for those two morning blowholes on WEEI – Beavis & Butthead I call them.


  3. Mike Adams is much better than the Big O, Ned Flanders and Brutus Buckeye and the Putt Putt Twins.

    Then again, so is 30 straight hours of Garrison Keiller describing his kidney stones. So there you go.

    Mikey, please stop whining about internet haters and Manny. No one cares.


  4. I am a decendent from John Adams and Sam Adams, are you also related to them? If so, please call me at 978-549-8425. I reside in Maynard, MA

    Robert Albee


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