Jayson Stark has the Red Sox radically shifting the face of baseball with their recent success.

Ken Fang has his usual thorough collection of Monday morning sports media columns and coverage.

Richard Deitsch of SI.com has a look at NCAA Tournament coverage, with a focus on Billy Packer.

Pete Prisco has a look at the needs of AFC East teams this offseason.

Peter King in his Monday Morning QB column has the Patriots among those teams he expects to make a trade on draft day.

He makes reference to an appearance that the ubiquitous Sen. Arlen Spector made on the Rush Limbaugh show last week, which included the following exchange:

RUSH: Lot of football fans in this audience. Since the Super Bowl we’ve heard very little about this guy in Hawaii, Matt Walsh, that claims to have videotape of the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams walk-through the Saturday before their Super Bowl. What’s the status of that?

SEN. SPECTER: Well, the status of it is that there has been an exchange of correspondence between Walsh’s lawyers and the NFL lawyers. I’ve seen the letters. Walsh’s lawyer let me see them on a promise of confidentiality, and I believe an objective and fair reading of those letters is that the NFL is discouraging Walsh from coming forward.

RUSH: Really? Because their statements are just exact opposite.

SEN. SPECTER: Well, the NFL says they’re trying to encourage them, and I issued the challenge to the commissioner a couple of Saturdays ago, and they put out a Sunday release that they were making substantial progress. Well, we’ve had almost two weeks since that Sunday release, and nothing has happened. I believe those… Listen, I think the NFL has a duty of integrity. They have an anti-trust exemption, which gives them a preferred position. They are role models. If you can cheat in the NFL, you can cheat in college or high school or sixth grade math test. I think ultimately, Rush, if we get enough fire under it, they’re going to have to show those letters — and when they do, they’re going to have to change their tune and let Walsh testify, because those reports are looking pretty strong, but there was filming for the 2002 Super Bowl.

I’d like to think that the United States Senate also has a “duty of integrity,” Senator.


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