Globe Magazine Takes Its Shots At Belichick

In the Boston Globe Magazine this morning, Doug Most has the latest rip job on Bill Belichick. What an original subject. And timely, too. Let's kick the guy further while we can. He states as fact: The only reason Boston sports fans have put up with Belichick's act is because he's won, not because they … Continue reading Globe Magazine Takes Its Shots At Belichick

Manny Has Arrived

Manny Ramirez showing up on time to camp is the top story in the papers this morning, and him speaking to the media on his arrival is an even bigger one. Steve Buckley has Ramirez happy, upbeat and wanting to stay in Boston for the rest of his career. Jeff Goldberg has Manny stating that … Continue reading Manny Has Arrived

Belichick, Pioli, Break Silence on Spygate

Mike Reiss has the big scoop tonight, with Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli each breaking their silence on the whole Spygate scandal, and strongly denying that any opponent walk-throughs were ever taped. Pioli also says that Matt Walsh was fired from the club because he was caught secretly tape-recording conversations, something that Walsh's lawyer denies.