This is the followup to last week’s collection of The Five Worst Media Blogs in Boston.

This list was much harder to put together. There were so many good candidates, and also some choices and distinctions to make. I wanted the list to be blogs that were run by Main Stream Media (MSM) outlets, which cut out some of the best Boston sports out there, like I also didn’t include Chad Finn’s Touching All The Bases, even though it has a link on, and Finn works for the Globe. Finn created the blog privately and it is still hosted on blogger, not

So here is the list of the five best media sports blogs in Boston:

1) Reiss’ Pieces –

An obvious choice. I don’t have any idea of the traffic numbers for this blog, but I would guess that it is one of the most popular pages on the entire website. Perhaps THE most popular. What does that tell you? That people want the facts, they want solid reporting of stories as they’re breaking, and oh yeah, without the side serving of snark, thank you very much. Reiss is the best at what he does and is the model for any newspaper-based sports blog in the country.

2) The Bradford Files –

A pretty easy second choice as well. Bradford provides a wealth of information, anecdotes and humor in his entries. During spring training thus far, he’s been on fire with entries. Lets hope he can keep it going for the whole season – he did go through some slow periods last year. He’s been including photos in the blog, and he’s been blogging from his Blackberry, letting him literally blog right from wherever he might be at the moment. His style is appealing and you find yourself really looking forward to his next entry.

3) Red Sox Monster –

Perhaps a bit of a surprise here, and definitely a different style from the first two blogs in this list. Red Sox Monster is a DeadSpin-style blog, focusing on humor, sensationalism and images/videos. Nevertheless, RSM is still an enjoyable visit if you’re looking for a little lighter take on the Sox. Dan Lamothe writes this blog for (The online home of the Springfield Republican) from just outside Washington D.C. Despite the distance, he clearly has his finger on the pulse of a certain segment of Red Sox Nation. The site is regularly linked on Deadspin and many other national blogs.

4) Extra Bases –

The Globe baseball writers do their best to imitate Mike Reiss in their baseball blog, with some success. The blog is constantly updated, always bringing the latest news involving the Red Sox. There’s nothing special or tricky about what they’re doing, but it works.

5) The Point After –

Early on in the Patriots season, this blog was competing with Reiss’ Pieces. Of course it took two writers to do what Reiss was going singlehandedly, but the tag-team combo of John Tomase and Albert Breer was doing some pretty impressive work. Breer’s film breakdowns after the games made for terrific reading. However, early on in the season Breer left for Dallas, and Tomase as left pretty much on his own here, where he did a mostly passable job. He interjects a bit more snark and opinion than Reiss does, and this is on purpose, as he knows the he’s not going to beat Reiss at the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the blog.

So there you are, the top five MSM sports blogs in Boston. Honorable mention goes to Rink Rap by Mick Colageo (New Bedford Standard Times) and’s Bruins Blog.

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