FOX held a conference call to preview Super Bowl XLII with studio analysts Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson. Here are some of their thoughts on the game:

Bradshaw and Johnson on whether the Patriot’s ‘Spygate’ controversy will have any affect on their legacy, should they defeat the Giants:

Bradshaw: “They’ve earned every game. They beat the teams on the field. ‘Spygate’ from week 1 is not even a thought as far as I’m concerned. Ever since the first week I’ve learned from people in the NFL about how so many people do things like that and even Belichick had kicked the Jets video staff off the sideline. It’s not even a thought. It shouldn’t be considered.”

Johnson: “Having coached for nearly 40 years I can sit and talk for days about all these types of stories and all the things that coaches have done. There really wasn’t a whole lot there. I think the media made more out of it than they should have.”

The duo responded to how players and coaches should act and prepare for the big game:

Johnson: “As far as the coaching staff and players, I always wanted the practice routine to be the same as far as when we were working in pads, when we were working in shorts and when and what we ate. I wanted our routine going right on up until game time to be exactly the same as it would be for just a Sunday night game.”

Bradshaw: “Prior to this year’s NFC Championship game I asked (reporter) Pam Oliver how the players for the Giants in the locker room were. She said they were loose and having a good time. To me, if you’re comfortable and loose, you should have confidence because you’re there. You’ve beaten everybody, you’re there. If you have that approach and you’re not uptight you’ll be able to perform at your best. It doesn’t mean you’re going to win but you’re going to play your absolute very best.”

Johnson and Bradshaw breakdown the head coaches and their public persona:

Johnson: “From reading articles and watching press conferences, you see a certain image of Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin. I don’t know if their persona is what they portray. I know Bill Belichick much better than Tom Coughlin. Belichick is an outstanding, good person one-on-one. He’s jovial, he has funny stories and he has a great personality and I’m sure Tom Coughlin is the same way when he’s in a comfortable setting. What you see in the press conference or on television is exactly what you’re going to get if you see them one-on-one.”

Johnson: “One thing that both of these coaches have done is adjust. Tom has adjusted his approach to the players as far as his personality. Everybody knows about Belichick and how he changes his schemes week-in and week-out. He adjusted the offense to fit Tom Brady. He knew he had a great talent there and he wanted to utilize that talent so he changes the scheme offensively.”

Bradshaw: “With Coughlin, it wasn’t so much schematics as it was becoming more open minded about his approach with his players. He became more approachable while still being firm. You can see now the results. We see Belichick back in the Super Bowl and we see Coughlin in the Super Bowl and I think a lot of that has to do with Tom (Coughlin). Rules are good and they are important and they need to be enforced because athletes want that.”