Mike Vrabel was on with Mike Felger this afternoon on 890 ESPN Boston, and several people have asked about the ending of the interview. Here is the last part of of the segment:

Felger: Is that your least favorite part of it? (referring to Media day during Super Bowl week)

Vrabel: Well, I’ve never liked talking to the media, you know that.

Felger: Well, you know, I’m not so sure, you know Mike, I see you on TV, I see you all over the place, I mean, I don’t know, I think you’re pretty good at it.

Vrabel: Well some of those are some of those are mandatory; I really like Greg Dickerson, as a person,

Felger: Because he (won’t?) challenges you…

Vrabel: I think I like to do that little segment with Greg, because I think he’s a nice guy, I think he genuinely wants us to do well, as people and as players, and you, on the other hand, I don’t know if I can say that.

Felger: It’s unbelievable, why you guys have this impression that I don’t want you to do well.

Winter: I think you bring in on yourself there, Felgie

Felger: I don’t. I don’t. I think you want your ass kissed.

Vrabel: Who are you sitting in there with?

Felger: Kevin Winter.

Vrabel: Oh, hi Kevin. Now why can’t you let Kevin… I think you sit here for 10 minutes, you couldn’t let Kevin ask one question. It’s like “The Mike Felger Show, I have to ask all the questions.” Even though I got done talking with Kevin, been talking with Kevin for the last hour and a half, yet you can’t let him ask a question.

Felger: Go ahead Kevin.

Winter: I’m done. You asked them all!

Felger: See, he doesn’t got any.

Winter: I actually…I…

Vrabel: Kevin, that was your opportunity, I gave you an opportunity, and…

Winter: Mike, I uh, listen, my best part is any time we can go and just make fun of Felger, that’s where I actually am at my best.

Vrabel: Well, at least I can hear you ask the questions.


Felger: Michael, have a good weekend, have a safe trip down there, we’ll catch you next week.

Vrabel: No, no you probably won’t. No, I think this is our finale.

Winter: Everyone is saying that…

Winter: We’re going to jump in at the hotel, we’re going to pull you guys aside, and do a little one-on-one.

Felger: It’s just not the case. Check the fine print of the contract.

Vrabel: You know, it’s been fun, it’s been real, but it hasn’t been real fun, Mike, I appreciate it.


Felger: Mike Vrabel, we’ll see you


Winter: He’s gone!

Felger: Fine.

Winter: Everyone wants to get rid of you in a heartbeat.

Felger: Why do they all think I want the team to lose? You know?