A few quick links this morning as we await the end of the Johan Santana saga, we’ll try to have more later on…

Patriots Daily serves up another edition of Niner Watch.

Mark Farinella realizes that the ex-jocks in the media are the ones who are the toughest on the Patriots. He argues that for the most part, the “ex-jock” label gives too many people a form of instant credibility that may not be deserved.”

John Tomase tells us that Conspiracy-gate is laughable.

Michael Felger has his Patriots Report Card. Ian M. Clark has his own grading system in his report card.

Christopher L. Gasper says that the Patriots winning drive was “equal parts luck and pluck.”

Bruce Mohl, the ticket guy, looks at the NFL embracing ticket reselling, and what that could mean for the Patriots.

Mike Fine says that Johan Santana is worth trading Jacoby Ellsbury for.

Lenny Megliola has a look at the busy and remarkable life of M.L. Carr.

After tutoring the likes of Dwight Howard and Al Jefferson to becoming big-time post players, Clifford Ray has a new project: Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Peter May has a look at the work the big men are doing together.