A few more links for the afternoon:

Nick Cafardo has the late Globe baseball writer Larry Whiteside being elected as the winner of the J.G. Spink Award, meaning that Whiteside will be inducted in the baseball Hall of Fame.

Eric McHugh has his version of the Patriots Report card.

Michael Hiestand examines a new NBA edict that will require head coaches to wear microphones and do interviews during nationally televised games. Some coaches aren’t happy with this arrangement.

Neil Best goes after WFAN for reaction to the death of Sean Taylor. Many of the same things were said locally on WEEI.

Richard Sandomir has another piece on the NFL Network situation.

Pete Prisco says that the Patriots aren’t as good as we thought they were.

Curt Schilling weighs in on the proposed Johan Santana trade.

Bill Simmons looks at why every single Knick fan might go off the deep end before the holidays are over. Chris Mannix says that the Knicks are spending too much time watching the media coverage of their team.


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