I’m rather surprised that no enterprising media person has grabbed onto Albert Breer‘s short item today about the Giants helmet at Patriots practice yesterday and presented it as evidence that Bill Belichick fully intends to bolt for the Giants at the end of this season.

And sadly, I’m only half joking. I’d think someone would latch onto the notion if only for the off chance that Belichick did end up leaving, they could point to how astute and ahead of the game they were way back in August. If he doesn’t leave, nobody will remember anyway.They could go a step further and say that Belichick had the helmet there for Patriots players he was planning on trying to take with him to try on.

OK, that’s stretching things a bit. But it’s not too far off from some of the wild speculation that takes place around here. Butch Stearns, are you reading? I just handed you your 10:00pm tease…

Eric Wilbur compares the USA Today story on Red Sox Nation with the one by Bryan Marquard on the front cover of today’s Boston Globe.

Peter Gammons had a chat on Boston.com today.

Jon Heyman says that Curt Schilling is a better pitcher than he is an agent.

Tom Curran has Pete Carroll saying that JaMarcus Russell is paying a stiff price for holding out. He also mentions last week’s Drew Bledsoe quotes towards the end.

Mike Celizic thinks that Reggie Miller is “just plain nuts” to be thinking about coming out of retirement to join the Celtics.

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