Ron Borges is on with Michael Felger this afternoon on ESPN Boston. He wouldn’t talk specifics about his suspension for plagiarism, saying that it is now a legal issue.

Felger says that if “Borgie” were “a Patriots ballwasher” there wouldn’t have been as much of a reaction to his plagiarism, but since so many people hate him for what he writes about Bill Belichick, the whole thing became a huge story.

They promise to discuss all Patriots moves and signings that have occurred since Borges was silenced at the beginning of March. Borges began by defending his story from the day after the Adalius Thomas signing, which put a decidedly negative spin on the signing.

Borges denies he did any work for the Oscar De La Hoya camp, and says he did not get paid for the articles that appeared on the Golden Boy Promotions website.

Interestingly, this article on has Borges as the “only” one among press members surveyed who scored De La Hoya as the winner of the fight.

Only Ron Borges of the Boston Globe had it 7-5 for De La Hoya while Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports had it dead even at 6-6. Michael Katz had it 8-4 for Mayweather.

It just doesn’t look good…doing this work for De La Hoya’s promotional company…even if he didn’t get paid, and then being the only one to score the fight in De La Hoya’s favor.

Curt Schilling offers an apology to Barry Bonds for his comments on WEEI yesterday. Terry Francona wishes his players would just zip it.

ESPN Boston played clips from the Schilling interview during the Felger show this afternoon. I find it hard to believe that WEEI would give permission for that.

Schilling’s comments on Barry Bonds have generated a lot of attention in San Francisco, check out reaction on the Bay Area Sports Pages.

A sign of just how transient relationships are in the Boston sports media was in evidence on yesterday’s Big Show. For years, Peter Gammons was a weekly staple on the afternoon show, and his appearances were much hyped and he was referred to as “our buddy, Peter Gammons” and usually when he got off the line, comments like “it’s always so great to talk baseball with Peter Gammons” routinely followed.

This year, ESPN has restricted their talent to mostly appearing on only ESPN radio stations, so Gammons now has a weekly segment on the Mike Felger Show on ESPN Boston.

Yesterday during a discussion on steroids, Ordway and company were talking about how many of the national guys, and especially ESPN guys like Tim Kurkjian have ignored the whole steroid issue over the years. Gammons’ name was brought up, and Ordway stated: “Gammons has had his head in the sand for a long time about this stuff.” They then talked about how guys like Gammons are so “embedded” in the game and how much they love it, that they ignore these scandals.

The point is not whether or not Gammons has buried his head in the sand on the steroids issue. That’s a topic for another place, another day. The issue here is that Ordway would take that shot at Gammons – something there is no way he would’ve done had he still been a weekly guest on the show. You know that Ordway never questioned Gammons on the air about his coverage on the topic of steroids over the last few years, but now that Gammons is appearing on the air on another station in town, he’s free to take the little shots at his former “buddy.”

HBO Sports reported today that 2.15 million pay-per-view buys and $120 million in pay-per-view revenue was generated from last Saturday’s mega fight showdown featuring Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

In a fight that set the all-time pay-per-view record by eclipsing the previous mark by a sizable margin of 160,000 buys as well as establishing a new mark for revenue from a pay-per-view telecast, Mayweather scored a split decision victory and captured De La Hoya’s junior middleweight title. The showdown, which featured boxing’s two biggest attractions, produced 1,225,000 buys from cable systems and 925,000 buys from satellite homes throughout the 50 states.

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