I’d like to try and include more evening posts of thoughts collected during the day and observations made after having time to digest some of the morning’s offerings.

I don’t know how regular I’ll be able to do this, as my evenings are generally booked. I’d like to try for earlier than this in general, and the length may vary:

Scott’s Shots set records today in terms of readership for that blog with the account of the gentle back-and-forth between Bob Ryan and Bill Simmons. A Simmons response to the topic has pushed the readership even higher this evening.

Easily the best hour on Dennis & Callahan each week is the Monday Quarterback hour with Boomer Esiason and Tom Brady. While Brady sometimes has a shaky connection and is at times clearly foggy from a late night traveling from a road game, Boomer always sounds smooth, polished and professional – no matter the hour. This morning was a great example as he appeared right at the top of the 8:00 hour Eastern Time, from the West coast, where it was a little after 5:00 AM. Boomer delivers the goods each week.

Ron Borges had the best take on the Patriots game this morning with his column in the Globe. Borges was even-handed and accurate in his assessment that yesterday’s game was not simply a sloppy affair as many of the other media types around town have written and stated. Borges correctly pointed out that this was a slugfest and the two teams stood toe-to-toe and traded blows, which resulted in several of the turnovers in evidence. Others in town have chosen to go the easier route of just assuming that the turnovers were the result of careless and sloppy play, which gives them the opportunity to find fault.

The Big Show talked very little about the actual game this afternoon. They instead filled a lot of time talking about the incredibly stupid statements made by Michael Irvin on ESPN radio last week. While this is a topic that needs more exposure, these weren’t the guys to do it. They clumsily worked their way around a topic that they were ill prepared to address. Smerlas and DeOssie are not the most articulate or thoughtful analysts on the air, and the way the station handled the METCO incident (The claim has been made on the air that the tapes from the incident were lost) as compared to Entercom’s handling of the John DePetro matter makes any discussion of other analysts comments, be it Steve Lyons or Michael Irvin just seem very awkward.

Manny to the Giants? Provided the Red Sox got something in return, I’m actually not adverse to dealing Manny at this point. I don’t know how much his knees are damaged, and I’m sick of the media dogpile on everything the guy does. The Giants are my favorite NL club, so that would reluctantly work ok with me – again, provided the package received is decent.

The Patriots and Redskins conduct business in very different ways. Kevin Hassett looks at who does it right and who does it wrong. He points out that “Belichick keeps winning because so many others in the league behave so strangely.”

“Jacked Up” on Monday Night Countdown might possibily be the most annoying segment on broadcast television. Seeing and hearing men in their 40’s and 50’s giggle and scream that player X “GOT JACKED UP!!!” is beyond stupid.