I’m sorry. I don’t normally pick on stuff like this, but this was just too much…

I’m admittedly bad at times with grammar and proper sentence construction. But then again, I’m not a professional writer with an editor to proof my work and correct errors before they make it to the site.

So what is Hector Longo’s excuse? In one of his articles today, “Two Minute Drill” (this one is currently in the “Plus Edition” of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune website, so I can’t link to it) Longo uses the following line:

Corey Dillon added a fumble, so didn’t Laurence Maroney.

Are you kidding me? Was he speaking his story out loud as he typed it? How did the editors let that one go by? This is a professional writer covering an NFL team.

Another head scratcher is in the article entitled “Despite turnovers, Pats grab quality win” where the following line appears:

“Brady and the Pats were on their way to killing the final three minutes until Corey Dillon coughed up a fumble, spreading life through Cowboy Country.”

Cowboy Country? Huh?