It was an ugly night for the Red Sox in Minnesota as the Twins thumped the Sox 8-1 in the Metrodome. Matt Clement again struggled and had to come out of the game due to an apparent injury.

Sean McAdam says that the Red Sox were simply outclassed by the Twins last night. Michael Silverman reports that the Clement will be going home to have the medical staff look at his arm. Chris Snow notes that a total lack of control by Red Sox pitching did them in last night. David Heuschkel adds that a total lack of offense doesn’t help either. Phil O’Neill notes that the loss slid the Sox out of first place and put them at 5-7 for June.

Lenny Megliola has a piece on Josh Papelbon, who begins his pro career with the Lowell Spinners this week. The younger Papelbon couldn’t be more different in pitching style than his older brother Jonathan. Dan Shaughnessy scratches out a piece on Matt Clement, whose struggles couldn’t come at a worse time for the Red Sox. Karen Guregian says that it is time to get some answers on just what is wrong with Clement. Guregian also talks to Julian Tavarez about his recent struggles and letting his teammates down. Buddy Thomas cautions Red Sox fans who are hoping the team makes a deal to acquire pitching help. Christopher Price talks to Jim Rice about being honored by the Sports Museum.

Snow’s notebook looks at Terry Francona’s decision to drop Coco Crisp from the leadoff spot and insert Kevin Youkilis there. Silverman’s notebook has more on the change at the top for the Sox. McAdam’s notebook also examines the switch at leadoff. Heuschkel’s notebook has Crisp taking the move with understanding, as he knows he’s been struggling at the plate since his return. O’Neill’s notebook also reports on the switch.

If I were Chris Snow, I’d say “Thank for nothing” for this piece from Dan Shaughnessy. Dan doesn’t even offer any congratulations in the column, which almost comes off as completely sarcastic towards Snow and the position. Out in Minnesota, Brian Murphy has a look at Snow’s hiring by the Wild. Edit: Earlier I had a comment about the Shaughnessy article not even having a quote from Snow. There is one in there. A rather generic one, which I don’t know if Dan got directly from Snow or not…but still a quote, I apologize for the mistake.

John Tomase looks at Tom Brady leading the team with his competitiveness, even in a June minicamp. Nick Cafardo looks at the first battle for the kicker spot on the Patriots in 10 years. Tom E Curran looks at Matt Cassel preparing to be Tom Brady’s top backup this season. David Brown also looks at Cassel seeking a move up the depth chart. Alan Greenberg has a good article on Laurence Maroney, who is being mentored willingly by Corey Dillon. Rich Garven has Johnathan Sullivan glad for a fresh start in the NFL with the Patriots.

Jerome Solomon has a good look at Troy Brown, who with Deion Branch out, has easily been the most impressive receiver in camp. Eric McHugh also talks to Brown, who downplays his role at this stage. Michael Felger focuses on Monty Beisel who has been working with the first unit in camp, and who the Patriots are counting on coming up big in his second year in the Patriots program. Jennifer Toland also has a piece on Beisel, who can count his 2005 season with the Patriots as a learning experience and be a better and bigger contributor in 2006. Michael Parente also focuses on Beisel, and notes that the Patriots have to hope that he can fill the gap inside so Rosevelt Colvin and Mike Vrabel can make up for Willie McGinest’s absence outside. Chris Kennedy looks at a number of young Patriots looking to step up into bigger roles this season. Ian Clark looks specifically at the rookies making an impression in camp.

The Globe notebook reports on Matt Cassel’s bid to be the #2 quarterback this season behind Tom Brady. Right now in camp there isn’t a whole lot of competition for the position. Tomase’s notebook reports that the Patriots turned down a deal with Denver that would’ve sent Daniel Graham to the Broncos for Ashley Lelie. Curran’s notebook has Tebucky Jones willing to do anything to help the Patriots, including special teams, where he was a standout early in his career. Parente’s notebook leads with more on Cassel. McHugh’s notebook has Sullivan as a man of few words and Brown being coy on Ty Law.

It’s been amusing to compare and contrast the observations of the various media people at Patriots minicamp this week, mostly in their blog entries. To wit:

On newcomer Johnathan Sullivan’s weight:

Michael Felger on Wednesday, after saying Sullivan looked “fat”:

How much does Sullivan weigh now? No way of knowing, but yesterday it looked closer to 350 than 320. The biggest joke of the day came when the rosters were handed out to the media, and Sullivan was listed at 315 pounds. No way. Seymour, Warren and Marquise Hill are sleek, athletic-looking defensive linemen, with none weighing more than 310 pounds. Next to those players, Sullivan looked out of place.

Tom Curran, same day:

Conditioning has been an issue for Sullivan but he didn't seem sloppy yesterday. In fact, he carried his 315 pounds rather well.

On Corey Dillon.

John Tomase Tuesday:

Corey Dillon looks big. There