Here are some of the thoughts from Chris Snow on covering the Red Sox, his love of hockey, and what he’ll miss from the newspaper business:

(On what it has been like covering the Red Sox for the last year and a half.)

Covering the Red Sox has been a tremendous platform as a writer. I feel I can say with confidence that there is no better environment in which to write game stories and notebooks than Fenway park. It’s vibrant, it’s electric, it’s filled with knowledgeable and caring people. The game of baseball, unquestionably, is the best to cover as a writer for several reasons – each game can be broken down into hundreds of individual moments (each pitch), you have these amazing one-on-one battles, and you’re outdoors. The elements you have to work with as a writer are limitless.

(On what would make him leave such an ideal job.)

So, why leave? Well, when I was about 8 my dad took me to my first Bruins’ game. He and a group of friends shared season tickets in Section G, Row 1, Seats 1-3 at the Garden. Those seats were right next to the goal judge, behind the net. I can remember being about 9 or 10 and sitting there for Game 7 against Buffalo. To me, there was no better place in the world.

I carried that love of hockey to Minnesota covering the Wild from August 2003 until December 2004. While in St. Paul I met people in the front office and on the coaching staff who were passionate, about the game and about life, and I identified with that. The chance to be able to work inside the sport, to contribute to a team environment, and to go to the rink each morning, was too great to pass up.

(On what he’ll miss after taking over his new position with the Wild.)

Will I miss writing? Absolutely. I love it. I’ll miss the feedback, good and bad. I’ll miss the dialogue between reader and writer. I’ll miss the people at the Globe who gave me opportunity, as an intern and a staff writer, when it would have been easy for them to write me off as too young and too inexperienced. Leaving those people made this a decision that tore me up inside over the last couple weeks. I just hope those relationships endure.