Good article on Northeast Radio Watch regarding the Red Sox radio rights.

They believe that things could still go either way in the WEEI/WBOS duel for the rights to broadcast the Red Sox games starting next season. Here’s what they say:

We take a bit of pride hereabouts in being the last media outlet of any sort that still hasn't confidently declared that a Sox deal is "just about to be announced," or "all sealed up," or what have you. When it happens, we'll tell you, and in the meantime, here are a few reasons why we still believe (as of Sunday night, April 30, as we go to press with this week's column) that the deal could still tip either way.

The reasons as listed on the site are these: (Visit the site for more detail on each point)

For the Sox, it’s all about the money.

For the radio groups, it’s about the money, too – sort of.

WEEI may not need the Sox at all.

Greater Media has other issues to solve.

Two sports FMs in the Hub? (Some interesting speculation here)

Bad news for “ESPN Boston,” too.

All in all, a pretty solid look at the situation and the overall landscape of the sports radio market here in Boston.