John Molori calls for disciplinary action against Gerry Callahan for spewing racist stereotypes against Latinos.

Quick links today as I’m packing my bags, getting things ready for the wedding and honeymoon…I leave very early tomorrow morning, and won’t be back until after Memorial Day. Don’t worry…there will be stuff posted here every weekday that I am gone. More on that in tomorrow’s post.

Jeff Jacobs, in a very good column, says you can hate the pinstripes, but you can never hate the idiot. I thought Shaughnessy would be the one at the Globe lecturing Boston fans for booing Johnny Damon last night. That task fell instead to Jackie MacMullan instead, who does the job with a grace that Dan couldn’t touch. Calling him the “ultimate contemporary baseball player”, Bill Reynolds looks at the reception and night for Damon. Joe Haggerty looks at Johnny again dominating Fenway, but in a new set of laundry.

Alex Speier notes that the return of Damon has made Coco Crisp’s absence felt that much more. Jon Couture says now that we got Damon’s return out of the way, the rivalry can return to baseball. Rob Bradford says only in Boston can we have the circus we had yesterday afternoon. Tony Massarotti looks at Alex Cora playing a key role last night.

Chris Snow’s notebook has Theo Epstein explaining the move to bring Doug Mirabelli back to Boston. Michael Silverman’s notebook tells us that Coco Crisp will have an x-ray on Friday to see how his finger is healing. Steven Krasner’s Inside the Game looks at David Ortiz burning the Yankees yet again. Sean McAdam’s notebook has more on the return of Mirabelli.

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Jerome Solomon looks at the Patriots top two picks coming to Gillette and meeting the media yesterday. John Tomase looks at first rounder Laurence Maroney, who brings explosiveness and big-play capability whenever he is on the field. Alan Greenberg also has a look at two of the newest Patriots. Albert Breer is confident that Maroney will make an impact next season and should put Corey Dillon on notice. Christopher Price says that Maroney already sounds like a veteran. Michael Parente says that Maroney is ready for the challenge of the NFL.

Jennifer Toland says that Chad Jackson is as fast with the playbook as he is on the field. Eric McHugh takes a look at the Patriots draft as they passed over defense in favor of offense and special teams. Solomon’s notebook has Doug Flutie pondering one more season. Lenny Megliola also reports on Flutie. Tomase’s notebook has Jackson looking forward to playing in the snow. Parente has more on Jackson dismissing the cold weather of New England as a potential problem. Allen Lessels has recently retired Bears cornerback Jerry Azumah staying connected to NH.

Chad Finn has thoughts on the Patriots draft and the recent play of the Red Sox.

Stephen Harris says that former Pittsburgh GM Craig Patrick is in the running to be the new Bruins GM.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. TNT has Bulls/Heat at 8:00 and Lakers/Suns at 10:30. OLN has Sabres/Flyers at 7:00.