No daily links this morning, and really not a full version of SporTView. I’m out of town again today taking care of some details related to the next item.

I’ve made a couple references in this space recently about how May is going to be a bit of a different month here at BSMW. Some have inquired as to what that cryptic statement means. Well, I guess it’s time to fill you in. Simply put, I’m going to be away for pretty much the entire month of May, and likely without Internet access during that time.

So what’s going on? I’m getting married. It will be the first weekend in May, and since the ceremony will be out in California because that is where my bride-to-be is originally from, I’ll be leaving here a few days in advance of that date. Afterwards, we’ll be taking a three week trip through Australia. We’ll be getting back Memorial Day weekend.

So that leaves me with a month to fill on BSMW. I’m scrambling to try to provide something for the site almost every day that I’m gone. Some of the days will be filled with recaps of the BSMW Awards, others with original columns that hopefully won’t be dated by the time they actually run. I’m also trying to line up a few people to sort of be “on call” to post some links should anything significant happen in the world of Boston sports.

I’ll post more details as we get closer, if you’re interested in writing a column or being a “guest blogger” on this, or any of the other blogs please let me know.

This weekend brings us the NCAA Final Four on CBS Saturday evening and the Women’s Final Four (From Boston) on ESPN on Sunday Night. MLB also opens up on Sunday night with the White Sox and Indians being shown on ESPN2.

With opening day for the Red Sox coming on Monday, NESN is devoting this weekend to the team, with All Red Sox All Weekend.


Today is the final day of the BSMW Awards poll. Please take a few minutes and vote if you haven’t already.

Here are the sections of the balloting:

2006 BSMW User Poll – General & Radio

2006 BSMW User Poll – TV & Game Broadcast

2006 BSMW User Poll – Newspaper & Internet

*This Sunday marks the debut of Eddie Andelman’s new “Sports Huddle” radio show on 96.9 FM. The show will air from 7-10 PM and Andelman will be joined by Billy Fairweather and comedian Mike Donovan. It’s hard to see this program becoming a success. Additionally, it’s too bad that this show had to lead to the demise of “Calling All Sports”. (As reported in John Molori’s Media Blitz)

*In other sports radio news, AM 900 in Nashua has been playing spots this week noting that they will no longer be an ESPN affiliate and will instead be a Fox Sports Radio affiliate. Apparently this move was against their wishes, but ESPN Radio informed them that they would be pulling out of the station, apparently in deference to ESPN 890 in Boston. Seems a bit of a curious move, especially since the ESPN Boston radio signal really does not do well in Southern NH.

*Next week marks an April tradition: The Masters. Here are some details from CBS on their coverage, which will once again be done in top-of-the-line High Definition TV:

For the fourth year, CBS