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Yes, it’s true. Adam Vinatieri will be leaving the Patriots and signing with the Indianapolis Colts, of all teams. Michael Holley was the first in the nation with the scoop yesterday, which he gave to WEEI on a call to the Big Show yesterday afternoon. As you might expect, there is a lot of doom and gloom in the papers this morning. A little overwrought for my taste. Tom E Curran has perhaps the most level-headed look at the departure of the kicker, whom he says was boiling beneath the surface at his plight with the Patriots. Albert Breer has a very interesting article this morning, where he looks at how the Colts as the “mystery team” swooped in on Vinatieri, leaving smoke screens behind, he also looks at evidence that perhaps the Patriots confidence in Vinatieri was wavering a bit and points to a pooch punt in the Jacksonville playoff game as evidence.

Most of the rest of the articles are of “the sky is falling”, the “apocalypse is upon us” variety. Nick Cafardo says that the bad times just continue to roll for the Patriots. Michael Felger says that Patriots fans felt like “projectile vomiting” when hearing the news last night. Alan Greenberg says that Vinatieri’s departure was in large part due to the fact that he felt that the Patriots took him for granted. John Tomase says that the Patriots offseason is officially a disaster. Yes. In March. Without seeing who they draft, who they sign, who they trade for. Patriots shouldn’t even show up next season. It’s over. Michael Parente also looks at the departure of Adam.

Ron Borges has a predictable look at the situation, lauding Vinatieri, saying the Patriots have a right to conduct business as they wish, and closes with a comment about Bill Belichick watching spring baseball while his roster defects. Lenny Megliola looks at Vinatieri as simply a winner, a guy who was a cold hearted killer on the field and a “sweetheart” off the field. Jim Donaldson says that this one hurts a lot more than the losses of David Givens or Willie McGinest. They’re celebrating in Indy, as Mike Chappell reports on the Colts acquiring the three time Super Bowl champ.

Tomase looks at who might be out there as a replacement for Vinatieri, with former Viking and Bear Paul Edinger seeming like a strong candidate. Curran’s notebook has more on kicking options. With the departure of Vinatieri, Christopher Price looks at the Top Ten Exits from Boston by star athletes.

Chris Snow looks at Wily Mo Pena’s debut with the Red Sox, and an impressive debut it was, both in batting practice and in the game. Jeff Horrigan says that Pena’s first impression with the Red Sox was certainly a hit. Sean McAdam says that Pena’s arrival will mean less time, perhaps even no time on the field for Dustan Mohr. Mike Fine writes that in Pena, the Red Sox got themselves a player with plenty of potential. In exchange, they gave up a deceptively tough pitcher. Jon Couture notes that Pena is raw, but he is certainly worth taking a chance on. David Borges has more on the debut of Pena.

Jef Horrigan has a disappointed Bronson Arroyo dealing with his exit from Boston. Gordon Edes has more on Arroyo expressing his sadness at leaving Boston. David Heuschkel also looks at Arroyo coming to terms with having to leave Boston behind. Kevin Gray looks at the Nashua Pride’s pursuit of Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd.

The notebooks all lead with David Wells. Snow’s notebook has David Wells seemingly resigned to his fate of being skipped in the early season rotation. Horrigan’s notebook has Wells setting a goal of 20 wins for himself this season. McAdam’s notebook has Wells holding his tongue. For a day anyway. Heuschkel’s notebook has Wells feeling good about his knee and his outing yesterday despite poor results on the scoreboard. Borges’ notebook has Wells deciding to grin and bear it as far as being skipped in the early season rotation.

Dan Shaughnessy is still milking the WBC, expressing shame that the U.S. lost at its own game in the event.

Joe McDonald looks at the Bruins displeasure with the officials after their 5-4 shootout loss to the Atlanta Thrashers last night. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that last night’s game should never have reached the shootout phase, as the Bruins twice blew two-goal leads. Steve Conroy says this might have been the most exasperating loss of a frustrating season for the Bruins. Douglas Flynn says it looks there will be no postseason for the Bruins, which is fine as this team seems to quit early anyhow.

McDonald’s notebook has Hannu Toivonen still hoping to make it back before the end of the season. Burrell’s notebook has coach Mike Sullivan moving Mariusz Czerkawski to right wing and seeing the move pay off with a goal. Conroy’s notebook has more on Czerkawski’s switch and goal.

Michael Muldoon says that in the Kobe vs. Pierce argument, he’ll take Pierce as he has shown himself to be much more of a team-oriented guy. Peter May looks at Tony Allen busting out for his best game of the season Monday night against the Lakers, and updates his criminal case, which appears ready to go to trial this summer. Shalise Manza Young also looks at the second year guard, who seems to have found his game and his role in the past week. Steve Bulpett has Tommy Heinsohn gushing, not for the first time, that Paul Pierce could be the greatest offensive player in the history of the storied franchise. Keith Reed looks at Verizon going to court for the right to be able to broadcast FSN Celtics games on their new FiOS TV service.

Mark Murphy has a look at BC point guard Louis Hinnant, who is proving to be a driving force among his teammates. Michael Vega looks at season ticket prices jumping for BC after their successful first season in the ACC. William Maloney blogs as a BC supporter living in Atlanta. Murphy’s notebook says that Jared Dudley could be up for a big game against Villanova.

David Scott weighs in with a pair of new posts, one on women’s NCAA hoops and another on NESN and the Red Sox going for more sex appeal. John Molori’s Media Blitz reports that Doug Tribou could be out at ESPN Boston, which would be a surprise move.

FSN has Raptors/Celtics at 7:30. NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. ESPN has Pistons/Heat at 8:00 and Spurs/Nuggets at 10:30. ESPN2 has NIT action.