After reporting on Tuesday night that Tedy Bruschi would in all likelihood being returning to the Patriots (90% certain), Chris Collins appeared on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan program as well yesterday. The conversation indicated that the only thing holding up Bruschi’s return was getting the correct waivers, insurance and liability lined up. Collins’ source told him that he would be shocked if Bruschi did not play this season.

Well, the source is shocked. The rest of us probably aren’t all that shocked that Bruschi announced yesterday that he is going to sit out the 2005 season to make sure his health is sound before attempting to play pro football again. There are a myriad of reports on the situation in the papers this morning. Jerome Solomon, who had picked up the NECN story and run with it yesterday, says that the announcement yesterday was a direct result of the TV report. Michael Felger’s report contains some key related points to the situation, outlined in neat bulleted points. His sources tell him that Bruschi may not be placed on IR, but instead on non-football injury list or the physically unable to perform, both of which might allow him to make a late season return if things were to go well. Tom E Curran looks at the events leading up to this decision and notes that Bruschi’s absence will be just one of many dramatic changes that the Patriots will face this year. Alan Greenberg says that is it probably safe to assume that Bruschi was not medically cleared to play this season. Mike Reiss says that since the Patriots are normally prepared for any situation, yesterday’s announcement did not catch them by surprise as they made offseason moves in anticipation of this.

Chris Kennedy writes that Patriots fans can now deal with the certainty of the fact that Bruschi will not be on the field for the team this season. Michael Parente goes over the events of this offseason and notes that the Patriots will now hope that Bruschi’s wisdom rubs off on the players taking his place on the field. Howard Bryant (subscription only) says that while Bruschi may have been physically healthy enough to play, he made a wise choice in being cautious and sitting out. Nick Cafardo cautions those who might think that this was a retirement announcement. He says that Bruschi’s desire to play football is as great as ever, and that we shouldn’t rule out his return in the future. Nick does say however that:

It's too bad we couldn't hear it from Bruschi rather than a statement from the team spokesman or an ambiguous quote from the head coach.

While I agree it might’ve been nice to hear from Bruschi, I’m sure we will hear from him directly in the future, and the little shot at Belichick was out of place in this article. For the record, here is Belichick’s statement on the matter.

All offseason, we have seen and felt Tedy