Eric McHugh says that we should not write off Tedy Bruschi for next season. He looks at Bruschi’s passion for the game how it drives him to compete and always be proving himself. Glen Farley writes that the announcement yesterday put an end to months of speculation. Tom King has a very good, complete article on Bruschi’s situation and decision and the impact it will have. Mike Lowe looks at how in so many ways Bruschi is the face of the New England Patriots. David Pevear rounds out the reports on Bruschi’s decision. McHugh examines the options available to the Patriots as they attempt to fill the void left by #54.

More on the Red Sox, Mike Fine looks at the Red Sox drubbing the Devil Rays and then heading out on the road to face the best team in baseball, record wise. Bob Stern looks at the Red Sox once again providing David Wells with plenty of run support in yesterday’s win. Alan Greenwood says that Tony Graffanino could see plenty of time in the Red Sox infield for the rest of the season. Chaz Scoggins looks at Gabe Kapler struggling in his second game with Lowell.

Jim Baker talks with former Bruins announcer Dave Shea, who is enjoying his new gig as announcer for the first place Washington Nationals.

This morning, to lead off the show, John Dennis told us all what sports radio is all about:

Alright let me see if I can explain something to you, with all due respect, let me explain something to you Bruschi, and then I