The Red Sox finally get back into the “W” column. A report has Tedy Bruschi looking to play this season for the Patriots, some hockey talk and old time NBA player pension talk as well today in the newspapers.

The Red Sox got back on track (and back in first place) with a 5-2 win over Tampa Bay last night. Bronson Arroyo got the win, and Curt Schilling picked up his first save since 1992. Nick Cafardo reports on the game as wells as a bit of roster shuffling in the afternoon. Jeff Horrigan writes that perhaps a few things contributed to the Red Sox playing as if they had received a swift kick in the behind. Joe McDonald looks at the Red Sox being able to stop the bleeding, at least for one night. David Heuschkel notes that will Schilling being able to pitch well on back to back nights, he’s showing progress in his recovery. Andy Vogt writes that Schilling wasn’t the only one out of the bullpen impressing people last night, as Mike Timlin was stellar as well.

The Red Sox made a number of minor moves yesterday, and Sean McAdam notes that none of them were really a big deal. Lenny Megliola also ponders over the comings and goings on Yawkey Way. Rich Thompson talks to Jason Varitek and Kevin Millar about how trade rumors work out and how they affect a team. Horrigan looks at Alan Embree being designated for assignment as part of the moves made. Thompson also has a look at Bronson Arroyo’s performance last night, Arroyo himself has been the subject of trade rumors.

Dan Shaughnessy devotes a column to Manny going in and out of the Green Monster. For the record, I was at the game on Monday night, saw Manny go into the wall, saw him come out, and didn’t think it was nearly as close to Miller’s next pitch as many media people are making it out be. If anything, his timing was just right. Trot Nixon and Johnny Damon were kneeling together in the outfield, midway between right and center field and they were settling back in to their positions at the same time Manny was getting to his. But…this is Manny, so everything he does that’s different is going to be magnified around here. There’s been talk about his running out of the box…last night, he hustled out of the box on a foul ground ball, on his home run, and even when he got walked.

Gordon Edes crunches the numbers regarding why Terry Francona let Alex Cora hit on Sunday night against the Yankees. He sort of makes the case towards the end in favor of Francona. No word on whether he still feels Francona deserves a new contract…Steve Buckley has Curt Schilling saying that the players need to accept responsibility for the team’s slide and get the job done. People shouldn’t be placing the blame on management. Ron Indrisano has Schilling hoping that last night was the first save of many. Alex Speier writes that the Orioles could have themselves a trump card in the division should they complete the trade for A.J. Burnett. Indrisano also has another piece on Lou Piniella and his eruption on Monday night. Howard Bryant’s Boston Uncommon (subscription only) says that ARod established himself as a true Fenway villain this past weekend with his home runs and leading man stature.

McDonald’s notebook looks at the moves the Red Sox made yesterday. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at Alan Embree being designated for assignment as one of those moves. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the pickup of veteran utility infielder Tony Graffanino from Kansas City last night. Cafardo’s notebook also looks at the busy day of roster shuffling by the Red Sox.

According to a report on NECN last night, Tedy Bruschi is going to try to play football this season. Jerome Solomon has that report, though when contacted, the Patriots say that Bruschi has not yet informed them of his decision. Also in that report, Solomon looks at the rookies starting to report today. Michael Felger looks at the linebacker position in his training camp preview, he also mentions the NECN report, but says that observers believe the changes of Bruschi being on the 80 man training camp active roster as “most unlikely”. Jonathan Comey is ready to start talking some football.

After demanding that his Captaincy be stripped during the Montreal playoff series in 2004, Kevin Paul Dupont now says that perhaps the Bruins should be looking to trade Joe Thornton while they can get something for him. Funny, the last real Hockey column written about the team by Dupont involves ripping Thornton, and the first under the new rules looking at the team involves getting rid of Thornton. (He includes a shot at Thornton’s abilities as Captain in this article.) Guess the year off from the sport didn’t dissolve Dupont’s dislike for Thornton. Stephen Harris has a quick piece in the Herald looking at the new NHL scheduling.

Peter May has a good column today on how the NBA Players Union is not assisting players from the pre-1965 era. He talks with former player Bill Tosheff, who has been trying to get the players Union to do more for the remaining men of his era. The numbers of which continue to dwindle as time goes by. He also looks at the limited deal from 1988 which helps some of those players a very little bit, but not all, and not much.

David Willis has a report on the ESPN SportsCenter show which aired from Manchester earlier this week.

The Yankees lost to the Rangers last night, Larry Brown could be headed to the Knicks. These and other stories are available at the New York Sports Headlines page. The New York Times has a story on former Red Sox outfielder Dave Roberts and how that stolen base in the playoffs last year changed his life.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 1:00. ESPN has Yankees/Rangers at 7:00. ESPN2 has A’s/Angels at 10:00.