A few afternoon links…

Eric McHugh has a two part preview of this weekend’s Patriots Minicamp. In the first article, he looks at the coaching changes, specifically the losses of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, spending more time of how the offense will be handled. In the second part, he has a look at some of the main storylines we’ll be following this week. Meanwhile, out in Wisconsin, Adrian Klemm has plenty to say about being out of New England, taking a few shots at how the Patriots do things, specifically regarding announcements of injuries. It appears Klemm wants everyone to know that he was hurt all the time and that was what kept him off the field, not a lack of talent or heart.

On ESPN.com Page 3, Louise K. Cornetta talks to the Red Sox players involved in the Queer Eye show about the experience. Chaz Scoggins looks at the Red Sox pitching woes. Chad Finn misses Pedro.