The Red Sox return to St. Louis continues to underwhelm. We’ve got MLB draft coverage galore, Michael Felger files a quick update on Tedy Bruschi, there’s a couple articles on hoops and hockey to round things out.

Matt Clement suffered his first loss of the season as the Cardinals beat up on the Red Sox, 9-2 last night in St. Louis. Sean McAdam looks at the Red Sox being thoroughly outclassed the last two nights. David Heuschkel says there have been no positives thus far in this series. Chris Snow recaps an ugly night all around for the Red Sox at Busch Stadium. Jeff Horrigan focuses mostly on Clement getting pounded for his first loss. David Borges meanwhile notes the strong outing for Jeff Suppan.

Nick Cafardo takes a look at the Red Sox draft picks from yesterday, noting that the team was not afraid to “go for it” in their selections. McAdam says that the team got itself a “couple of steals” in their selections. Damian Vega looks at the Red Sox using seven of their first 21 picks on high school players. Michael Silverman looks at first round pick Jacob Ellsbury. Adam Kilgore and Steve Conroy look at UMass pitcher Matt Torra getting drafted by the Diamondbacks.

Kevin Gray looks at NH’s own Chris Carpenter as he’s found a home in St. Louis. Silverman observes that there is a lot that just doesn’t feel right or good about your Red Sox right now. Borges looks at David Eckstein and how well he’s been playing, so well in fact that when the Red Sox drafted Dustin Pedroia last year, he’s been compared to Eckstein. Horrigan looks at the slew of hit batsmen late in the game last night, a topic also pursued by Cafardo, who says there were no ill intentions in the incidents. Horrigan also has Terry Francona disgusted about the MLB disciplinary process.

Bob Ryan browses through his personal collection of scorecards he’s personally filled out over the years, finding many memories and gems in the set. A terrific article from Ryan. Lenny Megliola looks at the man whose job it is to guard the World Series Trophy wherever it goes. Jim Donaldson looks at some of the bizarre and freakish injuries suffered by baseball players over the years. With the uncertain items around the Red Sox, Jonathan Comey has four things he’s pretty sure of with this club. Kevin Henkin is trying not to push the panic button.

Heuschkel’s notebook has a look at the Red Sox first round selection Ellsbury, who is compared to Johnny Damon. Borges’ notebook looks at the Red Sox drafting some high school players in among their selections yesterday. McAdam’s notebook looks at the continued rough homecoming for Edgar Renteria. Horrigan’s notebook also leads with Renteria. Snow’s notebook looks at Johnny Damon returning to the lineup.

Pedro Martinez was terrific last night, you can read about his exploits on a new page I created which grabs the sports headlines from the NY Times, NY Daily News and NY Newsday and displays them on one page, along with the covers of the latter two papers. The page is still a little rough around the edges, but it will work for now. It updates itself automatically, so you’ll have the headlines each morning. The NY Post doesn’t do RSS feeds and that is why it is not included. The page is located at, and should be a good resource for keeping up with the happenings in New York.

Michael Felger writes that Tedy Bruschi is not likely to participate in this week’s full squad mini-camp, but the possibility of him playing even this season can’t be ruled out. He says in any event, the team seems to have covered itself at the position.

Peter May looks at the friendship between opposing coaches Larry Brown and Gregg Popovich as a backdrop for the NBA finals, which start tomorrow night. Howard Bryant (subscription only) has a half Red Sox, half Detroit Pistons edition of Boston Uncommon. He writes that the Pistons kept their championship squad intact, while the Red Sox have not done so, which might have been a mistake.

Be sure to also check out Part II of the Full Court Press Draft Preview. Jon Duke has a look at the guard prospects that might be available to the Celtics at pick number 18.

Kevin Paul Dupont has a look at Cam Neely, who is a good bet to be elected into the Hall of Fame today.

This is saying alot, but yesterday’s Big Show had to have been among the worst ever. They spent much of the afternoon arguing over the Edgar Renteria bunt from LAST WEEK, which was SUCCESSFUL. (Did Ordway’s home theater break the night before, so he couldn’t watch anything for “show prep”?) It reached a low point when Wendi Nix started screaming at Michael Felger in such a way that she has forever ruined my image of her.

NESN has Red Sox/Cardinals at 7:00 (ESPN2 Nationally) ESPN2 has Twins/Diamondbacks at 10:00.