We’ve got about $300 to go to reach the goal of the May Mini Drive. Thanks to all who have contributed thus far. Let’s try to hit the goal this morning and finish things off.

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With an off day yesterday there was plenty of time to go over the just concluded 2-4 road trip. Tom Yantz says that the trip left plenty of questions around the Red Sox. Gordon Edes looks at the season thus far and finds a few things that could be second guessed. Michael Silverman has the first of a two-part series in which he looks at the Red Sox organizational philosophies. Today’s piece is on hitting. Sean McAdam writes that there are three hurdles that the Red Sox must overcome…pitching injuries, Manny’s slump and a bad first half schedule. Bob Ryan is sick of Red Sox/Yankees and glad that Baltimore and even Toronto have improved to the point that the division games against them are just as meaningful as those against the Yankees.

Jeff Horrigan looks at the Atlanta Braves coming into town this weekend as the Red Sox “Natural Rival” a notion sneered at by Trot Nixon. He also reports that the Dropkick Murphys placed a call to Billy Beane last offseason to try to convince him to trade Tim Hudson to the Red Sox, offering to play a gig at Beane’s daughter’s birthday party. Silverman takes a look at the Red Sox minor league prospects, and Chris Snow has a minor league notebook. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the slow start for the Red Sox bullpen. Snow’s notebook looks at Mark Bellhorn starting to come around at the plate.

Can someone please post a memo at WEEI? Pedro Martinez is not missing Randy Johnson by not starting tonight. Kevin Brown is and has been tonight’s scheduled starter for the Yankees. Several times on the station it’s been inferred that Pedro got a cortisone shot so he could be pushed back a couple days and avoid getting in the batters box against Johnson. John Dennis said it several times, then Dale Arnold made the correction during his show, but then on the Big Show, Larry Johnson was again saying that Pedro was ducking Johnson. Ridiculous.

Michael Felger and Mike Reiss have details of a speech made by Patriots coach Bill Belichick to Big Brothers last night in which he praised Troy Brown and spoke on a number of other team-related topics. Eric McHugh takes a look at the recently retired Otis Smith.

Steve Bulpett says that while in recent weeks the Celtics have gotten a bad reputation around town as being a bunch of bad guys, in reality they are not one of the more dysfunctional teams in the league. Bob Hohler looks at the possibility of an NBA lockout this fall. Nick Tavares says the league won’t be so dumb as to follow the example of the NHL. Hohler also looks at the league getting slammed by congress for their “pathetic” steroid policies.

Frank Dell’Apa has a feature on Revolution rising star Clint Dempsey.

Bill Griffith explores possible future destinations for the Celtics radio games. Jim Baker looks at the season opener for MLB on Fox this weekend, examines the Lobel lawsuit and has some other media notes. John Howell talks to Joe Buck, who says that he and Tim McCarver won’t be forcing a diet of steroid talk on viewers during their broadcasts. David Scott issues a “UMass Report” and has many other media notes and observations in this weeks edition of Scott’s Shots. The Inside Track reports on Bob Lobel filing suit against the “Get Fuzzy” cartoonist.

If you want more on the Lobel Lawsuit, the WWZN program “Sport Court” this Sunday should be interesting. They will be running from 4-6 PM this Sunday, right after the Hot Dog Safari. Here’s a preview of the show:

We will speak with well-known libel lawyer Mitchell Langberg of the Los Angeles law firm of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan. In response to the Get Fuzzy cartoon recently published in papers across the country, we will discuss the Bob Lobel case with Attorney Langberg and talk about what Lobel would have to prove in order to prevail in any pending defamation suit he may choose to bring. We will also talk about who Lobel mights sue and explain why it is that these cases often result in settlements before ever going to trial. (In addition, we will discuss the fact that I have learned that Lobel has consulted with an area defamation lawyer and is strongly considering filing a suit).

Langberg and his firm represent a variety of celebrities and frequently file defamation lawsuits against tabloids and news publications. Langberg's firm has handled over 100 libel cases involving celebrities and most recently filed a defamation suit on behalf of their client Aretha Franklin.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Braves at 7:00. ESPN has Suns/Mavericks at 9:00.